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5 Tips To Care For Dog In Summer To Save From Blazing Sun

By Gaurav Singh In Animals & Pets Posted On April 27,2017 0 Comments

Are you looking for the best answer on how to keep your dog cool in the heat especially in summer? If yes then here are finest tips to take care for dog in summer. The temperature of the earth is keep on rising day by day. Besides ever years, we see weather news of record breaking summer heat at most of the region. This generates a huge concern for most of the pet lovers and keeping them sage from torrid high temperature becomes highly necessary. You don’t need to worry about that as all you need to take certain points in mind to safeguard.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated All The Time

Dog Hydrate

You won’t believe but majority of people do avoid this. Yes, Dog needs water too just like humans. They also feel thirst and do carve for liquids in scorching summer. As per the research, most of the pets drink loads of water quickly. There are plenty of ways to keep them hydrated but the best one is take your dog at the beach and keep the water bowl fill all the time. But do not forget to add ice cubes in it, they’re going to love it just like you enjoy cold liquid.

Don’t Leave Your Dog inside Car

This is one of the highly unintelligent things that most of the car owners do with their dog. One must understand the important truthful fact that temperature inside the car can reach almost 100 to 120 degree Celsius which is not good for your pet. They could suffocate and might depart this life. Better you take your dog along with you or send it to animal daycares. By doing so, you can save them from extensive warmth.

Better Leave Your Pet At Home

From 11 AM to 6 PM, it’s better that your pet stays at home rather than under sun. Just               wait for some moment to cool and then you can play outside with your pet. You home accommodation is the coolest place where they can sit and relax all day. You might think of this as absurd but this keeps your dag at safer side helping their body to maintain coolness.

Do Apply the Sunscreen lotion

Those of you don’t know what sunscreen really does- its the lotion that protect us from skin burning. If you think that there’s a hot outside and planning to take your dog at beach then better to apply sunscreen lotion to your dog fur and skin. This is really helpful in protecting them from harmful ultra violet rays and avoids any sign of skin burning itching.

Give Your Doge A Groom Magic

Dog hair act as an insulation and brings more heat that raises the body temperature at extreme level that leads to sweating and itching. To prevent that better maintain your pup by grooming it well. This will allow more air stream passing across dog skin. Other than this, a properly hair cut and brushing fur also keep the pet refreshing and healthy.

We know that how much do you love your pets and with these essential tips one can easily make their pet more comfortable in summers. These are the tried and tested methods. Even most of the people also shared that they have taken care of their pets by following these advices. It’s time for you to make sure that your pets don’t panic in high temperature.

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