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A Plethora of Planet Popular Small Pets to Own

By Tanu Tyagi In Animals & Pets Posted On September 29,2017 0 Comments

Choosing the right small pet as a new addition to one’s family can turn out be a baffling task. With all the adorability and plushness one can get confused whether their new family member should have fur or fins. Of all the planet popular small pets to own, each pet has varied set of caring requirements that need to be met. It is therefore up to the owner’s ability to provide for the pet that they have much more options to choose from.

Here are some Planet popular small pets that one can choose from:

1.       Gerbils – quick and agile these small creatures love to dig for long periods which can be mesmerizing to observe. Among the most common first pet choice for children, Gerbils make a good companion as they are able to develop affection for their owners. Since they come for a dry environment habitat, they do not drink as much water and do not have the usual odour which rodents have.

2.       Hamsters – being very active creatures, hamsters are fun loving pets that are a hit among everyone who likes pets. The most satisfactory aspect of keeping a hamster as a pet is that they very simple to look after. However, with a bad eye sight and nocturnal sleep cycle, hamster are not a good choice for keeping as pet for children. They are also prone to bit people if disturbed in their sleep and if left in pairs for a longer period of time.

3.       Spiny Mice – being a natural creature from the desert areas these pets does not need to be given any special care apart from keeping them protected from low temperatures and severe drafts. These mice are a delight to watch when kept in a critter trail cage as they run through the tubes exploring their environment. Ideal temperatures for these mice to stay healthy should be somewhere between 65 to 75 degree Fahrenheit.

4.       Rabbits – it is a common belief that rabbits are perfect pets for children but there are many things that should be put into consideration before buying one. Since they are prey creatures they need open space to run from danger, a natural instinct that they have programmed in their senses. Keeping them in hatches is not of any use and would rather make them irritable and aggressive. A wooden house or a large cage is the best place for a rabbit to stay in.

5.       Chinchillas – these are highly intelligent creatures, provided they are housed properly. Having a lifespan of 15 years, longer than any other rodent, they need more care as they get older. Chinchillas can be trained to do several tricks to earn a treat which will definitely keep you entertained. They need a large cage with different accommodation levels and space for exercising which keeps them responsive and happy. Being nocturnal animals, they have a specific sleep cycle and therefore are not a good choice of pet if you want them for small children as the sleeping time would clash.

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