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Classy Pets that will add panache to your household own cool pets

By Tanu Tyagi In Animals & Pets Posted On September 25,2017 0 Comments

Which are the most exotic animals that make the best pets? Do unique and low maintenance exotic pets exist? These are among the most frequently asked questions when one is looking for an animal who will give unconditional love and affection to its owner. However, out of all the cool pets to own, there is none which do not require basic care. It strictly depends upon the owner’s will that whether they can afford to take care of a specific type of pet and what can he/she provide for it.

Here we list a few animals that are elegant and rare in existence when talking about house pets:

1.  Savannah Cats

                This Cat is the hybrid of domesticated cats and The Serval Cat. They are tall and people might confuse them for a Cheetah at the first look. Their personality is much more like an exciting dog which is domesticated. With sufficient training these cats can walk with a harness and does not require to be housed outside. The more the percentage of Serval in there DNA, the more challenging these animals would be to keep as they will display more of wild behaviour rather than domesticated mannerisms.

2.  The Bengal Cat

                 This cat is a domesticated cat but has been produced from the genes of the Aisatic Leopard Cat. These cats are sold with a low wild gene heritage which makes them easy to domesticate. For those who are looking for animal with an exotic wild look but not the destructive tendencies, The Bengal Cat is the one to own.

3.  Saluki

               Also known as the Persian Grey Hound, are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. The very long and slim legs and the gracious stature gives these dogs a very regal look. Also, Salukis are among the fastest dogs in the world with recorded speed of up to 68 Kms/hr.

4.  Tibetan Mastiff

               Weighing more than 150 pounds these ancient dogs are massive and magnificent with their presence. This mountain dog is a work dog as it is owned by people to guard their homes. In India these dogs are used protect civilians population from leopards that infiltrate cities or towns in search of food.

5.  Guineas

               Among the most adorable and plush animals are guinea pigs. With a life expectancy of 5-7 years, these are pets that need long term care. With their social attitude they can get along with anyone very easily. However, it is better that you keep a couple of them as they crave company.

6.  Birds and Rodents

               There are so many bird species that are stunning to look at and also make a great pet. A few of them include the Macaw (parrot), Canaries, Finches and Cockatiel which is among the most common pet birds. Moreover, rodents like Spiny Mice, Squirrels and Chinchillas are low maintenance pets in comparison to birds. All these are tiny pets and therefore need constant caring.

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