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Seven Signs to Watch before Going for a Pet Behavior Consulting Session near You

By David Symond In Animals & Pets Posted On June 13,2019 0 Comments

There are times when it could prove to be quite tricky for the owner to decide what behaviors are to suggest that their pets are under stress and what not. As some behavioral traits, such as scratching for the cats and panting for the dogs are typical for them, it could be really hard to gauge when the behavior is to overstep the line and eventually becomes stress-related. Here are three critical and four gray signs that you should seriously take into consideration before availing pet behavior consulting in Brampton or wherever you may need.


Seriously consider a puppy and kitchen consultation in Brampton, or wherever you may need, in case any or more of the following signs are to surface.


As the dogs are essentially social creatures, if yours is hiding under the bed or furniture, it is a tell-tale sign of anxiety or stress, which may result from visitors, strangers, or loud noises, such as pyrotechnics or thunder squalls.


If you are to discover that your cat is urinating on any vertical surfaces instead of their characteristic spraying on your carpet or the floor, it necessarily means that the animal is marking one’s territory. It usually occurs as a response to any stressful disruption in one’s routine, such as a new home, visitors, new pet, or merely a rearrangement of your furniture.


Dogs and puppies that are adjusting to your new home or simply fearful of being abandoned by the owner and family often howl or whine to indicate their nervousness.


Cats in the household could feel stressed or threatened by their peers and could result in an exuberating display of stalking and/or fleeing behavior from each other, hissing, or even worse, increased scratching and spraying.


As some of the characteristic traits are typical for the pets, it could be quite a challenge to distinguish between a false positive and that is not. Puppy and kitchen consultation in Brampton, or wherever one may want, is highly advised under the following circumstances.


There is really a myriad of reasons that make a cat to scratch, including marking turf, stretching, and claw maintenance. However, these animals are to typically scratch a lot more, and vertically as well, under stressful situations.


While the dogs could perspire through their nose and the paws, the fundamental technique that they are to employ is to pant. However, if the animal has been loitering outdoors under the sun or has not been engaged in playful activities, one could be panting because of stressful situations and loud noises.


Your cat may squat and urinate on your carpet or the floor for a host of reasons, such as noisy location, a dirty litter box, health issues, or being intercepted by another animal. However, if the animal is to make vertical surfaces, i.e., spray, then your cat is likely to be stressed.


Dogs shiver or tremble to make them warm. However, if the animal is not wet or feeling cold, the shaking is likely to be a physical response to a stressful event.

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