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How To Become a Cool Advertising Photographer?

By LA Photo  Team In Arts & Literature Posted On December 13,2019 0 Comments

It’s hard for many photographers to make a living by taking photos that inspire and excite them, so you have to look for other ways to make money. However, the answer to this question is simpler than you think. Working as an advertising photographer can provide you not only financially, but also more than throw up opportunities for creative expression, as well as various creative problems.

Commercial photography

Everywhere we are surrounded by advertising. On every screen of a computer, smartphone, tablet, in magazines, newspapers, at bus stops and train stations, she literally haunts us. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that for a significant proportion of these ads, the photographer was invited to take pictures for advertising.

There are also a huge number of goods that need to be removed for catalogs in both print and electronic form. For example, to sell through Amazon or eBay, each product needs a separate photo with 360 product photography. Therefore, there are opportunities for photographers to find themselves and their place in the market of commercial advertising photography.

Work with a brand

Make sure you know what is required of you when you receive the order. It is very important to build a good relationship with an agency that gives you a job in order to have a clear idea of what they want from you.

It is also important to understand product branding policies. After all, it depends on you how good the sales will be, so it is important to do everything right! What is common in all of their advertising campaigns? Do they want to adhere to the same policy or change the concept and territory of advertising and find customers from a different niche?

Shooting in the studio or on the spot?

The decision on where to shoot is entirely dependent on the product and the requirements for the picture. Maybe you need to remove the product in conjunction with the environment, or maybe on a pure white background in the studio.

Show or not?

It’s important to carefully consider in what context you will display the product. Where will it most often be used? Does the company want to film the product in a familiar setting suitable for it, or could they offer an alternative use or scenario in which their product appears?

You have the opportunity to demonstrate how the product is used. As a rule, actors or models carefully selected for advertising are invited for this.

Obvious or not obvious?

In many cases, the product you are shooting must be placed in the foreground in the center to fully capture the viewer's attention. If advertising will be used for the masses, the company will want it to work one hundred percent, so that a person, just looking at the advertisement, immediately understands what kind of product is advertised and what it is used for.

Do features stand out?

Maybe the following case: the company does not want to show the whole product, but simply emphasize new interesting features in it.

Take, for example, ads for the new Apple MacBook Pro with a high-resolution display. Everything is focused on one thing - an incredibly high resolution screen. From the photographer’s point of view, it might seem unnatural to shoot parts of a subject, but try looking at some fashion publications. There are enough such photos, for example, only the legs of the model, to show new shoes.

Photography should have its own character and life, even when working with inanimate objects. Therefore, at the post-processing stage, do not scrub the picture to perfection, leave a little life!

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