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3 Important Tips to Consider Before Printing Business Cards

By David Bergman In Business & Finance Posted On September 21,2018 0 Comments

In the previous blog, we have seen that in order to have a quality business card, one needs to take a few things into consideration first. We talked about the basic or preliminary considerations and about the cards ideal thickness. Now, that is not enough to pick a suitable business card for your business from a Printing services in Toronto. The professionals also offer Digital invitations designing in Toronto. 

There are other criteria as well, of which we shall be talking about in this blog. 

The card’s finish

Card stocks are divided according to their coating. This influences the degree of reflectivity directly. Now, as you may know, glossy paper is more reflective than the rest and is therefore excellent in having detailed or finer prints and saturation points. Gloss paper is therefore ideal for HD printing, but is not so good for the materials for reading and handling. Other materials like matte paper are suitable if you do not want a very reflective surface. It is therefore not shiny and is easy to see in all light conditions. When it comes to readability, it is ideal. There is something called the Luster Paper or Silk paper or Satin Paper. This is a popular type for is a ‘specialist’ paper material for business cards. In other words, it gives a feeling of class and refinement. It is glossy, shiny and easy to read at all. This means that it is a middle ground between the two kinds of business card materials above.

Consider special papers

There are special papers too from which you can choose. Remember, these are special items and therefore not all printing houses may have these, especially not in large quantities. Choose these if you want to be seen separate from the crowd or want to be seen as sophisticated. These special textured papers can be embossed or be given letterpress effects. However, you still need to choose the card specifications that are appropriate to your needs and requirements. 

Choose the printer

Now, we are coming to the interesting part! If you are printing the business cards at home, see if the paper and the printer are compatible or not. For homes, inkjet printers are ideal as these work with most papers, and can produce cards that are textured and glossy. If you want nice matte paper cards, pick laser printers, though these are not very good for glossy paper. 

When it comes to choosing the type of paper for your business cards, you need to understand your needs are requirements, first and foremost. Without knowing these, the rest can be pointless. If it is your first time, you may make mistakes in making a choice of card type. Nevertheless, that is OK. Practice makes one perfect. Besides, the professionals are always there to help you out.

If you are going for professional Printing services in Toronto, ask them the variations of finishes and papers they offer. These places also provide you with Digital invitations designing in Toronto.

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