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3 Reasons Behind the High Rate of Car Overheating In Summer

By Kathlin Smith In Business & Finance Posted On August 23,2018 0 Comments

You can almost smell the roses, the barbecues and the tingly scent especially of the sea. The weather has become comfortably warmer and everyone is heading to the seaside resorts. Yes, it is summer again. At summer, people look forwards to a whole lot of fun and make a whole lot of memories. However, summer is also a season when vehicles go bust because of all that heat. According to research, overheating is one of the biggest reasons behind vehicle malfunctions. If you have a car, then you need to pay more attention to the problems faced by your car. In this article, we shall look into some of the more common causes of car overheating, or reasons behind the overheating of your vehicle.

Now, let us be fair more a moment. Overheating is not really the only cause for car malfunctioning. And even when it comes to overheating, there are many reasons instead of one. The main reason why the vehicle’s engine overheats is because there is something that is preventing the cooling system from tackling the heating. Every car has a coolant. However, if something prevents it from functioning properly, then you have got a problem. A coolant is one of the most important parts of the vehicle, without which it is not only pointless but also risky as well.

Anyways, let us now get into all the good stuff. Let us learn why your engine is overheating and why it is not leaving the system despite your best efforts.

1) There is a leak in your cooling system: This is actually one of the most common causes of engine overheating. When you see that there is a considerable leak in the car’s radiator, the hose, water pump, thermostat, head gasket and in other parts, then understand that the car’s engine is not going to be cooled so easily or quickly. If you do find that there is a leak, there is a chance that you can be able to seal it up properly all on your own. However, the best bet is to take the car to a professional mechanic or to a Transmission and Automotive Repair shop in Brampton.

2) Your car has coolant issues: This is the second most common problem facing car owners. If your car is overheating time and again, then there is a high change that your coolant solution has some problems. There may certainly be a leak somewhere, or there may be other problems as well. For instance, your car may be running on the wrong coolant completely. Is your car’s coolant-to-water ratio kept off? If it is, then to wonder there are coolant issues. Mechanics at the Best Car Body Shop in Brampton can detect the problem.

3) There are blocked hoses: The third most common problem faced by a car heating up is that of blocked hoses. This is caused normally by road sediment and dirt that comes into the coolant section and into the fluid. Mechanics at the Best Auto Body Shop in Brampton can detect the problem.


These have been some of the many problems that may plague your coolant of the car. If you need professional help, then it is a good idea to take the car for a Routine Car Maintenance in Brampton.

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