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4 Most Essential Construction Tools

By Tata Agrico In Business & Finance Posted On March 12,2020 0 Comments

Heavy construction is one of the most physically intensive jobs. There are a plethora of hand tools and power tools to help every construction worker to do their job more efficiently and also safely. These tools give better results than what one could accomplish with their bare hands. Some important construction tools are related to the safety of the job. From a crowbar to a helmet, each tool serves a distinct purpose.

Here is a list of the most essential construction tools.

Pick Axe

This hand tool is shaped like a ‘T’. It comes with a long wooden handle and the metal blade is double-ended. One side is pointed, and the other is a bit flat-snouted like an axe. The pointed end is used for breaking rocks while the flat end is for chopping and hoeing through roots. It is primarily an agricultural tool, but also used commonly in construction projects.


The sledgehammer is a heavy hand tool. It comprises of a large and lat metal head mounted on a long wooden handle. Thanks to the weight difference between the long handle and the heavy metal head, the sledgehammer gives the user momentum during a swing and hits the surface with substantial force. The user needs to posses great strength to swing this heavy tool. They can be used as normal hammers to drive nails into surfaces. But it is generally used for breaking up large objects into smaller pieces. They are useful in construction work, mining jobs, and for shaping hard materials like metal or iron.


A crowbar has many names. It is also known as wrecking bar, jemmy, goose neck pry bar, pig foot, etc. It is basically a tool used to remove nails on one end, while the other end is used to force open crates or just separate two objects from each other. The crowbar tool is like a metal bar, but it has two separate designs on each end for two different uses. It is typically made from medium carbon steel, but the market also has a lightweight titanium variety of the hand tool. In olden days, the crowbar was used in mining for removing and breaking rocks.


This is a primary necessity for the safety of construction workers. Safety helmets for construction workers are also known as hard hats. They serve to protect one’s head from impact injuries in case of any accidents. Objects might fall on the worker’s head, or the worker may fall down from a higher place to the ground. The helmet saves them from it all. It also protects one’s head from electric shock. Safety helmets for construction workers are made from an insulating material for this function. Some of these helmets come with straps to keep it attached under the chin, while some feature goggles so one doesn’t even need extra safety glasses. There are suspension bands in the helmet, helping it to maintain a significant gap between the protective material and your head, so the impact doesn't hit your head directly.

In the end, it is important to remember that construction tools play an important role in helping the workers do their job efficiently. Some tools like the crowbar enable with the actual work, while tools such as a helmet are used for safety reasons.

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