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A Simple Guide to the Social Security for Disability Program

By Giles Law In Business & Finance Posted On September 20,2019 0 Comments

Original Source : https://www.articleted.com/article/178249/18679/A-Simple-Guide-to-the-Social-Security-for-Disability-Program

Each day thousands of Americans apply for social security, but 80% of them do not have fair idea about social security appeal. So, before you appeal for your social security, it is important to know about it in details. www.gilesdisabilitylaw.com/social-security-disability.php would not only enrich your knowledge, but will also help you to appeal for social security with more convincing applications. Should you consult a financial advisor? Where to get knowledge about social security programs of the US government? All these questions are crucial, and in the following section of this article, we shall try to find suitable answers to these questions.

Types of Social Security programs

Before moving ahead with the complex process of social security applications, we must understand a few basics. In the USA, there are two kinds of social security programs, initiated by the federal government. Both these programs are intended to ensure common minimum social security to a person. These two distinctive types of social security programs are social security disability and social security retirement. According to the US government, social security is an important thing for those, who have physical disability and for those, who have retired from their jobs. Application for social security retirement is different from the social security disability. For applying, you need assistance from social security disability attorney Las Vegas.

Criteria for Social Security Programs

Upon application of the applicants, inspections take place before awarding social security to the applicants. If the information furnished by the applicant has been found to be dubious or falsified, then such applications will be rejected. So, for the applicants, it is important to furnish true information, mentioning the reason behind their application for social security with precision. For social security retirement, you need proper documents that show your age is over 60 years (retirement age). There should retirement documents that confirm that you have officially retired. There must be a letter from the employer, confirming your retirement from works.

Social security scrutiny for disability is a little different and more difficult than social security for retirement. Basically, in this case, a lot of things are needed to be checked. To qualify for social security disability, you need the following things:

·         Disability can be two types. One is mental disability and the other one is physical disability. In both the cases, you are qualified for social security for disability, but you need to prove your disability through medical reports and other documents.

·         Disability should not be temporary, as for temporary disability social security has not been awarded to the citizens. You must have disability for more than 12 months, and the disability should seem to be permanent. Nature of disability should be important too. Normal eyesight loss or hearing loss is also a form of disability, but that does not make you qualified for social security.

·         Age of the person or applicant should be below 65 years. If you are more than 65 years of age, you are automatically qualified for social security for retirement and hence you do not need any social security for disability. One cannot use both the grants simultaneously.

Your medical report is the most important thing for you while lodging social security appeal. The medical reports should be prepared by experienced, registered, certified and specialist physician. For more assistance on the application process, you need to consult SSI attorney St George.

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