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Book Tours Are Still Influential in Book Marketing

By Scott  Baylor In Business & Finance Posted On September 20,2019 0 Comments

Many authors today more heavily invest themselves in online marketing with good reason. But it then begs the question about whether or not any more traditional book marketing techniques are still relevant? When it comes to book tours, the answer is yes. They still have value for many books and authors. You can win lots of followers and fans on tour, and as you plan how to market a book, it's wise to consider adding tours as one of your marketing tactics. Although they are time-consuming and require resources, you will likely see good results by the end.

It Helps to Meet Your Potential Readers In-Person

Tours are a hands-on marketing approach that enables authors to meet with readers directly in the field. They also are good sales incentives for bricks-and-mortar book stores. Whether it is a signing event or local media interviews, you will have a platform to introduce yourself and be able to explain why your book and topic are of interest to people. Also, attendees to events get a feel for you and have an incentive to follow your social media accounts. The more they know you, the more likely they are to buy your book.

Tours Provide Content for Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

As you talk to people, receive their reactions, take videos and pictures, you can use these moments and post on social media or your author website. Because social media thrives on content and reality, the value of your appearances and interviews increase exponentially when they translate to online content. As an author, these are priceless opportunities because it helps to create positive impressions to prospective book buyers. The people you meet in-person at these gatherings can also recommend other people to buy your book – or your brand if you are a non-fiction business author.

When you finalize a plan for how to market your book, tours are some of the most elemental and potentially essential ways to increase awareness and reader interest. Even though they may not produce immediate results compared to digital marketing, over the long haul, they can play a crucial role in improving sales and overall visibility.

Scott Baylor is the author of this article. For further detail about how to market a book please visit the website.

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