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Challenges Faced By Textile Companies In Sourcing Nylon Yarn

By Sumit Agrawal In Business & Finance Posted On May 17,2019 0 Comments

As a textile manufacturing company one of the challenges that you are likely to face in an ongoing basis is nylon yarn sourcing. Only when your supplies are of good quality you will be able to assure your customers the best products. If the supplies or the raw materials you use are of inferior quality then the output you get would also be of inferior quality. Let us look at some of the most common challenges that textile companies face when it comes to sourcing nylon yarn so that you could be better prepared to face such challenges.

One of the main concerns or focuses of any textile manufacturing company is keeping the overhead costs low. In an effort to keep the costs low at times companies end up compromising on the quality. The question is how to find best quality nylon yarn and polyester manufacturers in India who will also offer the best prices. Most of the textile companies across the world look at India as a major sourcing destination for all kinds of textile supplies including high tenacity yarn. There are so many manufacturers in this field but you will not be able to review and screen all of them and it is not practically possible. This puts you in a state of doubt all the time and you could never be sure whether you have already found the best quality supplies and the best prices.

Even if you manage to find such suppliers yet another challenge you are likely to face is getting the required supplies delivered to you in a timely fashion. Delivery delay is one of the most common complaints that we hear from the textile companies. High tenacity yarn suppliers often promise to deliver within the expected date even when they know that it is not possible to do so just to secure that business once the order is placed and payments are done, they delay their customers. If you end up with one such company your entire manufacturing schedule would be affected and you will not be able to deliver your products to your customers as promised. You would be the one who will be taking the brunt and not your suppliers. You need to therefore be cautious while selecting your suppliers.

Instead of trying to deal with individual high tenacity nylon yarn manufacturers you should look for wholesaler agents who could coordinate the sourcing process. They will be locally present and it would be easy for them to monitor the delivery timeline and ensure that the orders are shipped in a timely fashion. Similarly, a wholesaler agent will be able to get you better prices as they source in bulk quantities for multiple customers. You can save yourself from all the challenges that we discussed above and other challenges the textile manufacturing companies face while sourcing the supplies by looking for a reliable nylon yarn supplier agent. Find your supplier today and save yourself the hassles.


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