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Choose the Best Bike Storage Racks Which Ensures Complete Safety to your Bike!

By BikeKeeper  LLC In Business & Finance Posted On March 26,2020 0 Comments

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There has been a significant rise in the population this year and with the rise in the population, there also an increase in the use of number of vehicles and others, which are the main factors contributing to pollution and environmental damage. Therefore, many people have chosen to use bicycles as a mode of commute. This has been a very good change that has been brought in our society and the efforts taken by bicycle users. But along with this there has been a rise also in the thefts of these bicycles and manhandling, trespassing, etc. This can discourage people from using bikes.

But now, days with the inception of the bike storage racks, these kinds of petty crimes have gone down rapidly. And there are many unique reasons for it. Firstly, these bike storage racks provide better security for your bike. You can securely tuck away your bike and easily go wherever you like. The placements of these bike storage racks in large office buildings to condos, parks, recreational areas, clubhouses, gated communities, urban shopping centers, and any house or place has given a lot of space to the people and a tension-free outing to people using their bikes.

One of the best parts about these bike storage racks is that it is made from 100% pure stainless steel and it can last up to 10 years. It comes with a warranty of up to ten years. Now, to enhance the look of the racks further it comes with premium outdoor furniture, this will help the racks in withstand in any kind of harsh weather conditions. It can easily withstand any extreme heavy wear and extreme weather conditions. So, it makes no sense in replacing the inferior bike racks again and again when you have a strong bike storage rack available.

Bike storage racks have been known in deterring crime to much extent. After placing the bike storage racks in the public areas, communities and neighborhoods, etc. the crime rates have reduced incredibly especially the petty issues such as trespass, man-handling, etc. In the bike racks, there is available one side shelter which comes with 4 rails for 8 bicycles. Then apart from bicycles, you can also park your moped, as these racks also come in larger sizes which can easily accommodate mopeds also. There are also dual-sided solutions which are available for the bike storage racks.

For high capacity bicycle parking, there is also available are extendable shelter which is free-standing, and is a foundation free solution. Bike storage racks can be easily relocated from one place to another. The maintenance of these racks is also very easy. It is made especially for bicycles with any size. Municipalities and shuttle bus operators ideally choose the new triangle shelter and service points. This is also one kind of bike storage racks. There is also premium site furniture available which adds to the functionality, efficiency, looks, and safety of your bike by choosing the benches, bins, tables, and much more.

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