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Electronic cigarettes facts and misconceptions

By suzanne meijer In Business & Finance Posted On February 18,2019 0 Comments

With electronic cigarettes or e cigarettes becoming increasingly popular people tend to spread various ideas about them. Among the ideas spread there are both facts as well as wrong details. When someone who is trying to assess the pros and cons of using electronic cigarettes from various perspectives, they are not likely to get the correct picture as they may not be in a position to differentiate between correct information and incorrect information. They just treat and consume all the information that they come across equal. Here are few important facts and clarifications about electronic cigarettes.

Just like the regular tobacco cigarettes e cigarettes such as Justfog Q16 has the regular age restrictions pertaining to the region under question. So this cannot be ordered and used by anyone without age restriction. Let this first be made clear and adolescents who do not meet the legal age requirements cannot be sold e cigarettes just as the regular cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are battery operated devices and it will require a starter kit such as Justfog Q16 Starter KitThere are many different types of starter kits and before ordering your e cigarettes you may want to review those options. Along with the starter kits e cigarette cartridges need to be purchased. Starter kids need to be purchased just once and the refills need to be purchased from as frequently as you need. E cigarette comes with chargeable battery and the battery capacity varies from brand to brand and from model to model.

Some brands tout that you can smoke e cigarettes even in no smoking zones. This used to be the case when e cigarettes were introduced as the earlier models did not produce any smoke but just used an atomizer to release nicotine directly into the mouth with each puff. Lately heating elements are used and there is a certain amount of smoke so you need to go by the smoking rules for e cigarettes. This varies from place to place you would be better off checking the status instead of running into unnecessary hassles.

Electronic cigarettes do not burn tobacco. When you light a tobacco cigarette with each puff you take in over 7000 different harmful compounds and they get deposited in your lungs, damaging them. With electronic cigarettes such damages are minimized even if they are not totally absent. Only calculated amount of nicotine is released with each puff. This protects the smokers from thousands of carcinogens. Along these lines e cigarettes could be considered a safer alternative to smoking even though definitive medical claims cannot be made along these lines.

E cigarette vaping liquids come in hundreds of flavors. You will be able to enjoy your favorite flavor and keep exploring all the exotic ones that are regularly introduced to the market.

There are many secondary benefits to using e cigarettes. You will save yourself from the risk of fire accidents when you switch to e cigarettes. Go ahead and checkout the various options that are available to you online.


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