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High power Marine electronics GPS system by the best web store in Stoughton

By Rob Quint In Business & Finance Posted On March 13,2020 0 Comments

Anchor Express was founded in 2003 and is a leading online seller of maritime consumer and industrial appliances, boating equipment, Marine Electronics, marine GPS, and outdoor goods. We remain dedicated to giving our consumers the lowest pricing possible on hundreds of thousands of items, with over 15 years of experience.

HALO™ Pulse Compression Radar

Our HaloTM Radar blends the best aspects of conventional pulse and FMCW broadband radar systems to include an unparalleled combination of long and short tracking coverage, firm target resolution and low noise. Robust State equipment ensures minimal warm-up period and high ocean-going efficiency while low-power pulsed transmissions make Halo Radar secure to operate in anchorages and marinas.

Core characteristics
  • Goal Separation Regulation beam sharpening.
  • Exclusively compliant with both Simrad NSS evo2 and NSO evo2. Displays multifunction.
  • Service with dual coverage.
  • Enhanced signal processing use modes Standard, Port, Offshore, Climate and BIRD.
  • 48RPM high-speed service.
  • InstantOnTM, ready from power-on in 16-25 seconds, stand-by moment.
  • You are tracking the MARPA goal, up to 10 goals.
  • High electric and nuclear pollution.
  • Low power demand, running at 12/24V.
  • Connectivity via Ethernet.
  • Unique blue LED accent lighting for managing brightness.
GMR™ Fantom 18
  • 18-inch Motion Scope TM Engineering Dome Radar.
  • Solid-state18-inch, 40 W, bubble scanner.
  • Motion Scope TM technology uses the Doppler effect to identify and show objects that travel to or from you in different colours to help prevent crashes, locate bird flocks and monitor the weather.
  • Pulse Compression technology provides high resolution while optimizing resources, enhancing object detection and recognition.
  • Goal Scale helps you to change the target size on the picture of the Radar.
  • Detection range: 20 foot to 48 nautical miles.
High-power 40 W Radar with 5.2 Degree Beam

Both in fog or storm, you get outstanding near-and long-range target tracking extending from as near as 20 feet to 48 nautical miles. A horizontal beam diameter of 5.2 degrees produces a high-resolution picture and a significant antenna gain so it can select targets from a distance. The effect is that this Radar shows a transparent, concise shoreline map, other vessels and the imminent weather — right on your Garmin Chart plotter. You get precise goal locations, outstanding isolation of objectives and efficient activity. Its 8-bit accurate colour imagery often allows you to differentiate primary targets from tiny ones and improves the distinction of goals. Radar data is superimposed on maps (recommended autopilot or moving sensor). Small power usage, fast turn on and no pause in heating up as with magnetron radar. Rotation speeds of 24 for lower power usage, and 48 rpm for quick screen updates.

Motion Scope Doppler Technology

Using the Doppler effect, GMR Fantom radars identify and illuminate moving objects to help you escape possible crashes, locate bird flocks and monitor weather patterns. Thanks to the relative motion of the target, the Doppler effect is the frequency change in the radar echo. This facilitates automatic tracking of any objects that travel into or away from the Radar. Motion Scope displays the moving targets on the radar monitor in different colors to allow you to man oeuvre around other boats or rough weather, or to fishing places where birds feed on the water.

Rob Quint is the author of this article on marine electronics. Find more information, about marine GPS.

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