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How do Micrometers and Multimeters work?

By Kathlin Smith In Business & Finance Posted On June 10,2019 0 Comments

There are numerous measuring tools ranging from Micrometers in Canada, multimeters and calipers. In this article, we are going to see what are these items and how do they work. For the purpose of this article, we shall be looking into instruments like micrometers and multimeters. Let’s start with the former first.

1) Micrometers: A micrometer is the tool used for the precise measurement of small objects. These are capable of measuring the length, depth and thickness of very small objects. However, these objects need to fit the space between the spindle and the anvil. Micrometer is commonly used in machining applications and in mechanical engineering.

 What is the significance of a micrometer?

Depending on the type of instrument or Micrometers in Canada you are using, one can measure a wide variety of distances. For instance, you can use the instrument to measure a wire’s thickness or that of and sheet of paper. Because of the latter, it is used in the printing agencies for checking out the thickness of papers. Most of these can be used to measure objects that are even less than an inch in the dimensions of length, thickness and depth.

What are the types of micrometers?

There are various types of micrometers. The ideal type is of course the one that can be used to measure a certain measure of distance. For the measurement of an object’s thickness however, one uses an outside micrometer which are known as micrometer calipers as well. These are capable of measuring wires, blocks and spheres. The other variety is the inside micrometer which measures the distance in an item such as within a hole. The third variety is a tube micrometer which is capable of measuring tube depth and tube thickness.

2) Multimeter: This is also known as a multi tester or a VOM or Volt Ohm Milliammeter. This is an electronic measurement unit that has the benefits or advantages of having multiple measurement functions within a single unit. Generally, these instruments can measure current, voltage and resistance. There are various types of multimeters available today. For example there are Analog Multimeters in Ontario that show readings with the aid of a moving point, and Digital Multimeters in Ontario that have a numeric display and also show a graphical bar to show the measured value. The latter is used more as it is more precise.


Both of these instruments are of the caliper type and are highly efficient for doing the job they are designated to do. However, you should still type to buy items from well known suppliers. There are several places from where you can get Calipers in Canada, such as Multimeters and Micrometers in Canada.

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