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How Is P0300 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected Caused?

By David Robert In Business & Finance Posted On March 24,2020 0 Comments

P0300 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected is the indication that more than two cylinders of the engine are experiencing misfiring. Misfiring is a common phenomenon caused due to the supply of insufficient fuel into the cylinders. The efficient burning of the fuel-air mixture is necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of the ignition system and also prevents a drop in power. Misfires in more than two cylinders are caused due to several reasons like a faulty fuel system, faults in the ignition system, internal engine damage like leaks, cracks, or bends. It is recommended to fix P0300 error the moment it is detected because if the engine continues to operate with misfiring issues severe damages will be caused over time.

Causes of P0300 error code

Following are some of the causes of multiple cylinder misfire

  • Faulty spark plug coils or wires
  • Damaged or worn-out spark plugs
  • Failure of the distribution system
  • Damaged or worn out fuel injectors
  • Low good pressure
  • Vacuum leak
  • Defective camshaft sensor
  • Bad engine timing
  • Leaking of head gasket
  • Low fuel pressure
  • Defective crankshaft sensor
  • Bad quality of fuel
Symptoms found due to P0300 error

  • Check engine light turns on or flashes repeatedly
  • The engine becomes rough and excessive vibration is experienced
  • Engine fails to produce sufficient power
  • Exhaust gases smell like fuel due to presence of unborn fuel
  • Acceleration becomes rough and jerky

The severity of P0300 error multiple cylinder misfire

Whenever P0300 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected is detected it should be this immediately because if the engine is made to run with this error it could fail the catalytic converter, ignition system, and other vital components off the engine.

Diagnosis of multiple cylinder misfire

Spark plugs, connectors, coils, and wires are the most common causes of misfiring cylinders

  • Check the fuel system if the electrical systems and ignition mechanism is working properly

  • Low fuel pressure is also a cause of multiple cylinder misfire

  • Check the fuel injectors, clogged and faulty fuel injectors are also responsible for misfiring

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