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How to Promote Your Ads On Trains and Engage Potential Customers?

Transport advertising is fast becoming every ad agency’s best mode of putting their product out there. Because the majority of the potential consumers are mainly outdoors and spend a lot of their time commuting, they are more prone to look at advertisements and get engaged with that. Hindusthan Publicity is the leading advertising agency in Bhubaneswar. They have years of experience in OOH all over India and are the best agencies to contact if you want to bring your advertising campaign out to the mainstream.  

Advantages of Train Advertisements

Any advertising that is on full display is so easy to spot that it is tough to ignore at the same time. Anyone who is passing by or waiting for their train to come by are very likely to pay attention to the ad. They will also have an easier time to register what is being conveyed.

About the Ad Design

All ads that are made outdoors usually have a small window of time to be taken in by the public. This is why the design you choose is so crucial, so you have to be careful about how you design it. Using eye-catching images with little text will be able to tell a better story more conveniently and will be able to catch the eyes of passerby. Hindusthan Publicity is the best advertising agency in Bhubaneswar who are pros at train advertisements. Another tricky way to track down where you want your advertisement to be placed is to plan which train will take the route that will lead its passengers to where you are promoting your product or service.

Some tips you can use for your ad campaign that can potentially engage your customers while on transit are as follows:

Make your train and as exciting as possible: The more you get to engage your target audience, the more likely they will pay attention to your ad. If your ad is good enough, it can even be shared amongst like-minded peers, hence starting a wave.

Go to an advertising agency: Any good advertising agency in Bhubaneswar will help you get your ad attached to trains that will lead the consumer to your preferred destination. 

Refer competition: Pay attention to how other advertisers engage commuters. You want your ad to catch their eye even when the train is in motion. So keep it as visually pleasing and as catchy as possible. 

Less is more: Keep the ad as low key as possible. The simpler it is, the easier it is to follow. Follow a catchy colour scheme or a tagline that will help consumers recollect what your ad was about.

Keep in mind that train journeys are usually long, so you will have to come up with a catchy ad to hold the audience attention.

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