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Mobile Notary Service- A Profitable Service

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Hire a mobile notary agent to address the spontaneous needs of notarization. It is better to plan to avoid additional charges of the last minute and keeping a notary agent on the dial list helps the customer any time. A major advantage of a mobile notary is that they will reach the specified address and it is great to support bed-ridden patients or another kind of illness that does not allow the signee to move and walk to the notary office.

Major benefits of hiring the Beverly Hills mobile notary are:

a.      Reliable service: Mobile notary agents went through professional training of notary services to avoid errors or omissions in the documents, as all legal requirements should be fulfilled to transfer the ownership or successful completion of other tasks.

b.      Service at doorstep: All the services can be rendered at home and as per the flexible timings of the client. Not only notarization, but also additional services such as apostille, or fingerprints can be done at the customer’s location.

c.       Flexibility: No need to follow the office timings of the mobile notary office, as they are working for 7 days and 24 hours. Clients can make a call to book an appointment with a notary agent. Even at festivals, customers can get the work done by notary professionals.

d.      Prevent fraud: It involves important documents, and all are valid if it is witnessed by a legal party that role is played by notary representative. He stays unbiased and verifies the signature of both the parties.

e.      Simpler process:  Calling to a mobile notary agent is extremely easy now, as every firm have their official website and helpline numbers are available to connect instantly. They will help the customers with document creation, legal parts of the contract and authenticity of the identities involved in it.

f.        Reasonable cost: State laws may apply different costs in each region and maximum fees are defined by the jurisdiction which a notary firm can charge for a service. In the case of mobile notary service, the additional cost of travel may be a cost component.

Legal frauds are prevalent in the execution of documents and to avoid consequences of it, better to have someone professional to guide the customer through the entire process. All the minute details are checked by notary agent and they are not allowed to give any advice until mentioned in the laws. Majorly, a fee of maximum $15 is applied to sign a document and multiple modes of payment are available to avoid any bribe in the process by notary team. In addition to this, online notary services are also available to upload the documents and get them notarized papers as output. Loan documents may cost between $125- $150 depends upon the loan package and the number of documents included in it. Depending upon the location, charges for distance may vary, as remote locations can be reached with special transportation. Giving time for just sitting to sign a deal is wastage for businessmen, which can be resolved with the help of a mobile notary agent.

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