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New Methods and Equipment are Transforming Office Cleaning Today

By Terry  Ramsay In Business & Finance Posted On February 27,2019 0 Comments

Chances are you might not have heard all the details about advanced dust attracting microfiber cleaning clothes, HEPA filtration vacuum bags and the latest flat mops for hard floor care. However, when you're after the best office cleaning NYC has to offer, these are among the elements transforming the quality of the service you will receive. Leading contractors like SanMar Building Services in New York City are ahead of the curve in employing the best-trained clearers and outfitting them with the best and newest implements. It does mean your office can be spotless and sanitized each day. Love for its work and a dedication to providing outstanding service to clients drives attention to detail and innovative techniques. Providing you with a healthier and more pleasant workplace interior is the objective of all the technological advance and new technologies. Higher efficiency also means more time to detail clean including a host of above the floor projects such as dusting, wiping, polishing and very importantly sanitizing. You'll have an immediate morale boost at your company when people come to work every day at a cleaner, better smelling and fresher office. It really will please your employees.

Streak-free surfaces are another advantage to microfiber cloths and mop heads. Many have a magnetic technology that attracts dust and dirt. These unique properties make them many times more effective than old fashioned rags and string mops. When used with today's stronger but environmentally friendly cleaning compounds the results are spectacular. It is this sort of modern approach followed by New York City's best office cleaning contractors like SanMar. Modern approaches mean better care for your desks, countertops, hard floors and carpets. Not only are the latest compounds and implements more effective, but they are also faster and gentler on surfaces. Less rubbing and abrasion mean less wear and tear which is so much better in the long run. Knowledgeable and well-trained housekeeping personnel for a great asset to any company and the contribution they can make to good health and quality of life is significant. Having the know-how to do a superior job that leaves things sparkling is more satisfying for them as well, meaning their morale and spirits stay higher as well. Its why staying ahead of the curve with newer compounds and methods is an essential attribute for the service you choose.

Have you heard of HEPA filtration? Initially developed by the government, it has become a standard for vacuum filters and dust bags. Indoor air quality at work is a significant concern, and along with proper maintenance of your HVAC system, regular vacuuming with HEPA filtration systems means a lot. For those who suffer from allergies and asthma, these protocols in better office cleaning can be very helpful. Dust mites and allergens are easily trapped in these better bags and filters which means they are removed from the air every time the equipment is used. Carpets and upholstered furniture will smell and feel better when they are clean and dust-free. When combined with other advance above-the-floor cleaning methods such as dust attracting microfiber wiping clothes, the overall results are noticeably better. So, there are many innovative products, implements, and techniques that vastly improve the caliber of daily service you will receive when you work with the right service.

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