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Steel Suppliers and Merchants in Melbourne

By Preetika Mishra In Business & Finance Posted On September 28,2017 0 Comments

Melbourne steel merchants supply an extensive range of steels and materials including sheet steel and stainless steel. Open to the public, the steel merchants in Melbourne cut most steels to size, for handymen, engineers or boat builders. They supply products to movie sets, casinos, shopping centres, universities, museums, hospitals, schools, zoos and other large production companies. They provide an efficient and fast cutting service for all materials in a short span of time and often in a single day.

Today, an extensive range of steel products can be produced according to the customer’s requirements. Specialists offer high quality finished steel products with minimal wastage. They have knowledge and expertise to cater to details and provide these details in a professional and efficient manner.

Techniques Used

Tools and techniques used by Steel merchants in Melbourne include:

  • Guillotine: It has a cutting capacity of up to 6mm thickness in steel. It can cut all sheet steel and can also organize larger sheets to be cut if required.

  • Brobo Cold Saw: It has a cutting capacity of 120mm, and is used to cut angle, channel, bar and tube. This leaves a clean finish.

  • Power Hack Saw: It is usually used for large universal columns and beams and also for round and square bars or large pipes.

  • Laser cutting: Laser cutting can be useful because of its clean and smooth finish and can also be a more suitable option as compared to guillotining.

  • Drilling: Pedestal drill used these days in Melbourne has a drilling capacity of up to 25mm. It can drill all steels from square tubes to light angle and thick plate.

  • Folding: Pan break folder is a kind of folding machine with a folding capacity of up to 2mm in steel and stainless steel. It can fold the sheet steel according to the customer’s requirements.

  • Powder coating: Steel is powder coated to create a hard finish that is tougher than normal paint.

  • Welding: Any welding job, be it a simple job or a complicated job, can be done using the latest tools and techniques.

No matter where you are located in Melbourne, you can get a collection of extensive stainless steel provisions to suit your needs. These may include:

  • Tubes

  • Bars

  • Plates

  • Sheets

  • Plasma cutting

  • CNC cutting services

  • Rods

  • Band saw cutting

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