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Structure of Cuplock Scaffolding System

By Tom  Willis In Business & Finance Posted On March 13,2020 0 Comments

Cuplock scaffolding is a new type of tubular steel scaffold with spigot and socket joint. Which is the best for this year? New foundry supplier absolutely! The Cuplock multifunctional scaffolding has a reasonable structure, a simple manufacturing process, easy operation and a wide range of applications. Compared to other types of scaffolding, the multifunctional cuplock scaffolding is a new type of scaffolding with a prosperous development perspective. With constant social development, our construction development is also faster and faster. Scaffolding also seems to be especially important. By continuing, we will present some basic knowledge of cuplock scaffolding as one of the indispensable pieces in our construction.

Constitution of Cuplock scaffolding

The common cuplock scaffolding consists of a crossbar, a cuplock above, a cuplock below and a boundary pin. The ascending cuplock and the descending cuplock are mainly welded in vertical tube or mandrel. Commonly, the upward cuplock can slide up along the pole and tense in rotation clockwise. Have the padlock up slide down along the limit pin and lock the crossbar joint closely, then use the hammer to make several strokes and they can be locked tightly.

Property and characteristic of Cuplock scaffolding

First, multifunctional. According to the concrete construction requirements, you can compose different single or double row scaffolding, support frame, edge, material support, lifting scaffolding and cantilever scaffolding of different sizes, shapes and load capacities. It can also be applied in building construction sheds, material sheds and towel structures, especially suitable for curved scaffolding and heavy duty support frames.

Second, the effectiveness. Among the bars of commonly used members, the longest is 3130MM and the heaviest is 17.What's Pop now ?: Gray iron valves! .07KG The speed of assembly or disassembly of the complete frame is 3 to 5 times faster than the common ones and saves labor. With a hammer, the worker can finish the entire operation, avoiding many inconveniences caused by the operation of the screw.

Third, generality. What is Modish doing now? All primary members adopt a common fixation tubular steel scaffolding steel tube. You can use a bra to connect with a common steel tube. Therefore, it has a strong generality.

Fourth, large load capacity. The vertical tube connects the coaxial socket and the crossbar connects the vertical tube through the cuplock joint. The joint has reliable properties of flexural strength, shear strength and torsional strength. In addition, several axes of the member bar axis intersect at one point and the point of the panel is in the plane of the frame. Therefore, the structure is stable and reliable with large load capacity.

Cuplock scaffolding component some common function

Cuplock scaffolding is made up of davit, cradle, pulley, etc. The davit can be fastened by inserting into a vertical pole in a wide stabilizer with the aim of lifting the pole pieces designed to lift small pulley material. By joining the application with a large davit, you can eject the building directory. The protruding frame is composed of a ram and a hook by screwing them into the construction bracket with a cuplock joint. It is applied to build cantilever scaffolds without having parts integrated in the wall structure.

Attentions on the use of cuplock scaffolding

It is forbidden to pull all member bars and they should be hung along the rope. Unload lightly, lay flat and stack carefully by assortment. Go with scaffolding disassembly in the opposite direction against built. Parts should brush erosion resistant paint every two years. Clean them before brushing. The horizontal blade can be renewed in case of distortion. This is what we should pay attention to in our daily application of construction scaffolding.

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