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Taking a Closer Look at the Types of Pliers

By Tata Agrico In Business & Finance Posted On May 06,2020 0 Comments

Pliers are multi-purpose hand tools for holding and gripping small articles or for bending and cutting wires. They are typically used to bend, cut and slice wires, or for removing unwanted nails and tiny needles from a surface. They are equipped with two metal levers (jaws) joined closer to their end and two handles.

Based on the function it is used for, there can be many different types of pliers. This includes slip-joint pliers, needle-nose pliers, combination pliers, locking pliers, and more. Each serves a specific purpose. They can be used for a variety of tasks, including crimping, clamping and twisting.

Here let’s see the different kinds of pliers in the market.

Long-nosed Pliers

Commonly known as needle-nose pliers, these pliers are used for gripping, bending, and cutting small-gauge wires. They are very precise due to their elongated nose. It can easily reach into tight inaccessible places, thus, having a varied application.

Linesman Pliers

It is every electrician’s favourite tool. It is an incredibly versatile tool which is commonly used for various electrical works. It can be very easily identified, all thanks to its unique jaws. The shorter gripping surface facilitates easy handling.

Combination Pliers

There is no denying the fact that combination pliers are one of the most useful and versatile pliers. These multipurpose tools combine a gripping jaws with wire cutters. They can be used for gripping, bending, twisting, extracting, compressing and cutting various materials. They usually have a round section on their jaws which helps in gripping thick objects very easily.

Wire cutters

They are also known as diagonal pliers. These are specifically designed to cut wires. The angle edged jaw can easily cut through even the thickest wires. This is why diagonal pliers are used in electrical works.

Locking Pliers

This tool is specifically designed for gripping bolts and nuts. Also known as vide grips, these tools come with an attached bolt that is used to spacing of the jaws and lock them in place.The adjustable jaws mean they have a more powerful gripping force.

Fencing Pliers

These pliers resemble a hammer with a couple of handles. One side of the jaws look like a hammer to drive in nails and the other side looks like a nozzle used to pull out nails. The notches present in the fulcrum are useful in cutting wires. It can also be used for removing staples.

Wire Twisting Pliers

These types of pliers have really short jaws and are run by a cylindrical mechanism. It is very handy when it comes to twisting any kind of wires. This is why they are widely used by electricians.

Running Pliers

These pliers can make a break along delicate lines in the glass, all thanks to their wide-tipped jaws. The jaws can be adjusted to ensure appropriate alignment for different applications.

So in conclusion, pliers are important tools. Be it combination pliers or locking pliers, each tool servesa very specific function.

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