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Turn Your Social Media Followers into Book Buyers

By Scott  Baylor In Business & Finance Posted On December 13,2019 0 Comments

Their willingness to buy copies can propel sales and adds another good reason to cultivate a large and loyal following in the social space. Also, they may likely share the enthusiasm for you and your book with friends, who also may become followers. Many authors, especially new ones, may overlook the fact that readers are highly motivated when they have some personal contact. In today's ultra-competitive bookselling marketplace, even small advantages like this can make a valuable difference. In general, readers are drawn to your topic because of its genre. But they also love to know more about the author's insights and lives themselves. Fans are intrigued by personalities that inevitably come through in writing; and, they like to understand more about the motivations for what ends up in print. Being connected to you on social media gives them a greater understanding of, and appreciating for, your work. When readers want to learn more, they buy and read your book. The internet is helping authors become more personal in marketing their books, and social media provides the vehicle to connect with readers.

In addition to helping book sales, social media provides an ideal environment in which to build a brand. Author branding is about using social channels to become acquainted with your potential readers and understand more about them – likes, dislikes, and all. This sort of understanding only can be gained from direct engagement and communication that provide valuable insight. Debate continues about the necessity (or not) of creating an online presence and author destination, such as a website for book marketing. More people agree these are vital each year, and it follows logically that as interested readers learn more online, they are more likely to buy or download books. The discovery process today is primarily influenced by online information, and being visible online helps to spark book sales. When you complete a well-planned marketing campaign, essential elements include a website, a blog, and developed social media channels. When you follow and engage with others through questions and conversations online, you are demonstrating interest and building relationships. It can lead to increasingly valuable communications. For example, a fiction author might go as far as planning new character names informed by input from social media followers.

Going forward, all new online communication builds connections and loyalty and puts you in a position to be recommended to others by your fans. Therefore, by showing interest in others, they return the favor, and your following grows organically. Also, although every author hopes for highly favorable reviews, it's even more critical to have the endorsement of fans. Because they know you and your work, they have a more vested interest in honest and insightful comments. As a result, they are excellent sources of online reviews and other content that will help build your author brand. The promotional aspects of social media also have considerable importance. If you plan to make appearances to promote your book, announcements on social media can help you build attendance and fill a room. Also, when they attend, they will be well informed and make helpful contributions to the discussion. The same holds for fans of podcasts who also are better informed and have more interest.

Scott Baylor is the author of this article. For further detail about how to market your book please visit the website.

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