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4 Perfect Tips for Wall Tiles Installation

By Elizabeth Barton In E-Commerce & Shopping Posted On January 09,2019 0 Comments

Wall décor is as necessary as floor and another décor is, to make space look well. There are many types of things used to decorate the walls, from hanging items to the special paints and wall tiles. As the trend of décor has emerged, the designers have not only given much importance and variety to the flooring but to walls also. The concept of the main wall is being followed so much that wall tiles have become a core essential. People use different color themes and patterned ceramic tiles online to decorate their home. But one highly important part is the installation process. Cutting the tiles in different dimensions and fixing them on the wall requires experience and skill.

Following are the tips that you can follow for the perfect installation of wall tiles.

1. Design with Layout:

When you decide the tile for your walls, the next thing that should be considered is the layout for tiles. Although the tile design itself is good to go most of the times. But a layout is the total game changer. Making different alignment patterns to achieve the most presentable layout is one technique. That you can use to select what layout should be. The symmetrical layout is the most common one used in a wall niche. As well as a diagonal layout that is commonly used with small sized diamond shaped tiles.

2. Use special mortar:

As the designs, sizes, and width of tiles vary, it has given variety to the strength level of mortars. Bigger sized tiles and complex designing layout call for the help of strong mortar. That can save the design and heavyweight tiles from falling and moving from their places. Whereas, the smaller sized tiles like metro tiles do not require that higher strength of mortar. Therefore, selection of mortar depends on the special kind of tile that you select for the décor.

3. Avoid Lippage:

Whether it's flooring tile or wall tile, there is a space that is required to be left in between the tiles to fill the grout in. The tiles that have round edges are harder to avoid lippage. But the square or box shapes edges can be covered easily. Experts suggest that at the time of installation of the tiles lippage avoiding aids should be used. These aids include wedges and leveling clips that hold the tiles and maintain a distance between the tiles. When the tiles are not completely dried.

4. Use Technical tools:

In this time when thousands of hacks are introduced every day. It is really important that we do not rely on them to achieve the desired results. Investing in the technical tools for the installation of wall tiles will give the best results. There are many tools designed for this specific cause to support during the work. Like abrasive pads as cleaning aid, new blades for cutting, wedges and level clips to avoid uneven edges of the tile etc.

These are all the important tips that you can use while the installation of wall tiles to achieve the best results and quality.

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