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5 Fashion Essentials for every To-Be Mother

By Antara Chatterjee In E-Commerce & Shopping Posted On August 29,2019 0 Comments

You’re going to be a momma! Nothing can beat the immense joy and happiness in your heart. You’re floating on a cloud of good vibes. As the second trimester starts, your cute baby bump starts showing up. Strangers on the street have started offering friendly suggestions for your health. The baby is growing and your expanding belly is proof of that.

As the pregnancy progresses, there will be many physical changes in your body. This calls for a few maternity essentials that every expecting mother must have. Thanks to the expanding belly, finding clothes in your size can be a struggle.

Below listed are the clothing items that every pregnant woman must have in her wardrobe.


Leggings are your best friend during pregnancy days. They are super comfortable and also easily stretchable. What makes leggings so wonderful is that they can be paired with practically anything. Wear it with a short tunic or long kurtis. Leggings are a versatile piece of clothing, making them maternity essentials for all pregnant ladies. To have options in your wardrobe, get these in multiple colours. Leggings can also be worn after delivery, which makes them good value for money.

Loose-fitting Tees

Regular basic tees are an absolute lifesaver when you’re pregnant. They are comfortable and loose fitting and also mildly stretchable. You can wear it simply as a tee or pair up with a cardigan or beautiful scarf to complete the look. There are also maternity tees available in maternity wear shops that lets you show off your growing bump.

Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are stylish, comfy and flowy, giving space to your baby bump to breathe. They are another one of maternity essentials you shall have in your wardrobe. What’s great is they offer a variety of styles. Florals or squared checks or monochrome, pick any maxi dress and you’re ready to face the world.

Maternity jeans

Maternity jeans are another must-have maternity wear for all pregnant women. They are a great buy because they go with everything! For the whole duration of nine months, you can manage nicely with two pair of jeans and multiple tops and kurits. Play around with your tops each time you go out, and you have a new look always!

Maternity belly band

A maternity belly band helps to support your body. They are also great for wearing any pre-pregnancy jeans or trousers. If your old jeans still fit well but the zipper is not closing, putting on a belly band keeps them in place. You can layer on clothes more comfortably with a belly band.

Comfortable shoes

During pregnancy, swollen feet are a common symptom. Sometimes, hormonal changes may also cause your feet to get wider, making your shoe size change. To maintain balance, it is very important to have a good comfortable pair of shoes. High heels must be avoided. Flats are allowed, but can be risky in case of wider feet. Low-heeled shoes with good arch support are most advisable during this period.

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