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How to Choose the Right Bong As a Beginner

By RIck Marks In E-Commerce & Shopping Posted On November 10,2018 0 Comments

Whether you are a pro or a rookie, choosing the right bong could be a daunting task. Simply because there are lots of options available for you about which you may not even hear of. So, even if you are pro in smoking bongs, replacing or adding one in your collection is a complex task that you would like to simply. There are several things that you could consider to buy the right bong that will suit your lifestyle. Therefore, here are some of the things you can surely look forward to while buying your first or next bong.

Legal Concentrates VS Dry Herbs

Water HVY Glass could be ideal for both legal concentrates and dry herbs. However, the one you are looking forward to using will determine the type of bong you buy. Generally, dry herbs such as tobacco need a bowl which basically means that a larger stem of 45 or 90-degree angle will be better. Whereas, legal concentrates will require a nail that means the angle of the stem would be 90 degrees.

If you are planning for both then a small to medium size glass bong would ideal as both can be attached with quartz bangers which will allow you to switch between concentrates and dry herbs quite easily.

Percolator Function

No matter what the size of the HVY bong is, a percolator function will help it to diffuse smoke. When you burn dry substances such as tobacco, it will create a combustion which is not at all good for your health. It creates a large amount of by-products inhaling which will cause some serious health issues. A percolator filter will remove those by-products of the combustion process as it will cool down the created smoke. The end result of the percolator function will be beneficial for you and your lungs.

Bings generally have in-built diffusers such as tree percolator or honeycomb. Moreover, you have the option of adding some accessories with it such as ash-catcher. When you are using dry herbs, you will have the choice for the type of percolator you would want to use. However, in the case of legal concentrates, the combustion will be very minimal. That is why a smaller pipe would be ideal to get the optimum flavor.

Consider Your Wallet

For years you have heard that the more you spend the better you get. However, if you are someone who is not buying his or her first HVY glass bong then you should know what price to go for in order to get the type of pipe you are looking for. However, if you are someone who is looking to buy the first bong then you should know that there are many materials available which are less expensive than glass. But the simple elegance that you would want to your bong to reflect cannot be found in any other material except glass.

Where to Buy: Online VS Offline

You have both these two options when it comes to buying bongs. You can go to your local market and purchase the one would like to have. But, buying bongs from online has some of the privileges and convenience that you will not get while buying offline. Apart from that, you will be entitled to some of the eye-catching discounts that will make your purchase a lot more profitable.


What kind of bongs you would want to purchase is absolutely your own choice. However, considering the aforementioned things will help you to buy the right product and have a wonderful dabbing experience.

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