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How To Utilise Guest Blogging For SEO Traffic

By Khan Chacha In E-Commerce & Shopping Posted On April 09,2017 0 Comments

Guest blogging is a hot topic at the moment within the SEO community. There are many people out there that know of its power but just haven’t gotten round to doing it. This post will hopefully highlight some ways you can make guest blogging work for you and utilise it for the most efficiency.

Relevancy Is Key

When you’re thinking about targeting specific websites to get your content on always consider if they are relevant. Many successful websites get spam mail every day and if yours doesn’t stand out, chances are it’s not going to get read. You should try and overcome this by only contacting people who have an audience that will appreciate what you’re writing about.

So for instance if you offer travel insurance it might be useful to contact travel bloggers to see if you can get your article placed on their website. However, be wary of some webmasters as they can often ask for payment that is of an extortionate amount.

Test Your Email Responses

One of the first things that you should test is most certainly the subject line of your email and then the content. Many webmasters will judge you just off this so you should be sure to actually get right to the point. In many instances it has been found that shorter and more concise emails are more persuasive and get better responses. So if you stick to the point and tell them exactly what you’re after and their potential benefits, they’ll be more likely to help you out.

Write Valuable Content

The main value proposition in any guest post is the actually content. If you don’t have content that is going to be of any use to their target audience then don’t bother sending. This also relates to the first point of actually considering what audience they have and if they are relevant.

All of the content that you send out for guest posts should be unique and tailored to their audience. In some instances you can even ask the webmaster if you can write them an original piece of content.

Make A New Friend

One of the most effective ways to gain links and share audiences and traffic is to gain relationships within your niche. Developing relationships within your niche means that you’ll have access to a larger pool of people, normally by the click of a send button. When relationships become a win-win situation you’ll both be helped out.

These are a few tips for SEO guest posting in 2013. You should make sure that you’re always following Google’s guidelines and thinking about what’s best for your users. You don’t want to get into a situation where you are accepting any type of guest post on your website. You also don’t want to be putting out poor content to be associated with your name. Getting the balance right is key!

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