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Know-How People Celebrate The Festival Of Diwali In India

By Emilia Dawson In E-Commerce & Shopping Posted On September 16,2019 0 Comments

Diwali, a 5 long day celebrating festival of India which marks the victory of good over evil, truth over lies, positivity over negativity. People deck their houses with beautiful LED lights and lanterns. Colorful rangolis too constitute a significant element in enhancing the decoration of your homes, right? Well, it would not be justice if we do not mention the treats, desserts, and of course, gifts. Diwali revolves around them. From choosing the best Diwali gifts to distribute some mouth-watering sweets to your near and dear ones is just a gesture that conveys your emotions and feelings towards them. 

After that, the celebration of this festival is followed by spending quality time with your loved ones and sharing the delicious treats. However, this is just an overview of the festival. You know what I mean, right? It is not just a 5-day long festival, but the preparation for this festival almost starts a month before. From cleaning the house to getting it whitewashed, from purchasing new decorative items to removing the old chunk, there is so much that the preparation of Diwali calls for.

Diwali, which has a literal meaning, “a row of lights.” Did you know that Diwali is the biggest festival in India? The festival came into existence after the return of Lord Rama from his 14-year long exile, crushing Ravana in the battle. People celebrate this festival by spreading light in the form of candles, diyas, and LED lights. Also, Diwali would never be called Diwali in the absence of desserts and sweets, right? Rather you want to gift sweets to your loved ones or want to treat them after dinner at your place, buy Diwali sweets online and get all the taste buds present in the room excited. Let’s further discuss how you can make your 2019’s Diwali amazing. 

Clean Up Your Home No Less Than a Whistle:

Diwali is regarded as Hindu’s New Year, and it marks the beginning of new startings in everybody’s life. Although the business of cleaning the house begins a month prior to the festival, however, in case you are a lazy ass as I am, make sure you do it before the first day of Diwali. Clean up the clumsy areas, send your clothes for laundry, change the curtains of your home, paint the doors and windows to give them a fresh touch, etc. However, you might not be interested in knowing what domestic chores you should do because you already know them; it was just a reminder from me so that you don’t miss a chance. This cleaning activity is linked to the belief that it automatically purifies the aura of your house and fills your home positivity and good thoughts. 

Go On Shopping With Your Social Ones:

Well, this is one of the traditions or rituals we can say that we have been observing since our childhood. Brown parents go crazy about shopping during this season of the year. From purchasing jewelry to new clothes, they get our wardrobes all covered up. It is believed that buying brand new things during Diwali is a good omen. So, be it a pair of new clothes or be it utensils for the kitchen, going shopping on Diwali brings joy to another level.

Moreover, it is the gifts that we give to our near and dear ones on Diwali is a daunting task. Choosing the apt gift for every category of your guests requires patience and a massive variety of gifts to be selected from. Well, need not to get scared. You can sit back at your place and get Diwali gifts online fulfilling your requirements.

Light Up Every Corner Of Your House With Enchanting Lights 

Everthing about Diwali is just so exciting but then there is this one thing that has fascinated me since my childhood a lot (I am sure, many of you would agree too). Yes, it is the decorating of your home with illuminating lights that bring so much brightness and colors in our life. Also, by illuminating every corner of your house, it is said that Goddess Lakshmi gets wooed and this is one humble way of welcoming the Goddess in your house on the auspicious festival of Diwali. To give it an eye-catchy look, you can light as many as candles or diyas near your doorways or around the designs of your rangoli. Also, with new designer diyas and candles that are making rounds in the market these days, leave no chance to impress your guests. 

So, when we are blessed to have a festival like Diwali in our tradition, we should be grateful to God for giving us an opportunity to share joy, laughter, and some cherishable memories with people who are close to our hearts. Celebrate the festival spreading love and prosperity in your as well as the lives of others around you.  

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