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5 Pieces of Clothing You Need to Protect Yourself at Workplace

By Robinson  Aar In Education Posted On November 13,2018 0 Comments

Hi viz workwear is known as safety clothing that is meant to wear at work or places where any type of danger of accident is involved. Basically these clothes are meant to keep the workers safe and secure. Other than that in some countries these hi vis clothing have been made compulsory to wear on the roads for avoiding accidents. Actually they consist of highly reflect-able stripers that use to shine when lights of vehicles will put on it. Basically these type of clothing is used to avoid any type of major accidents. Here in this article we are discussing about different types of hi viz clothing that are being used by people:

  1. High Vis biker jackets: First type of high Viz clothing that is being used to wear while riding a bike and keep yourself protected is known as biker jackets or biker clothing. These jackets basically use to have hi Viz stripes on it that use to reflect the light especially when lights of traffic falls on it. These jackets actually help people to get themselves protected from all types of traffic accidents. Presently Ashmei brand use to have almost 22 cycling items.
  2. Fire resistant hi vis jackets: Another type of Hi Vis clothing is Hi Vis FR jackets/ fire jackets that consist of two functionalities. Firstly these jackets are fire resistant and secondly these jackets also consist of high vis stripes that use to reflect to lights and protect you from accidents. These jackets are actually multi-functional and used for two in one purposes. Most of the times these type of jackets are use in caves of coal where there is chance of occurring fire due to chemicals present underground and there due to low level of light you need to wear Hi Vis jackets that will give you the best visibility.
  3. High Visibility Safety pants: Next type of high Vis clothing is safety pants that are actually available in the market that are also made up of waterproof material and consist of high visibility strips all around its both legs. You can easily wear these trousers with the high Vis hoodies and it has two stripes of high visibility that will be of 5cm in width.
  4. High Visibility hoodies Jacket: Next type of high vis jackets are known as hi viz hoodies. Basically these hoodies are specially designed to wear on Motorway that will help you to provide safety to bikers. Actually these jackets are made up of reliable high visibility fabric that will help you to protect yourself from any type of accident. This bomber jacket will have a hood along with draw cord that will be concealed under its collars.
  5. Highway Hi Vis Safety sets: Next type of Hi Vis clothing is highway Hi Vis safety sets that are actually made up of waterproof material and use to have high visibility strips designed all around the leg area in the pants and shirts. These trousers will complete its look when they will be paired with high Vis hoodies. Basically these pants user to have two stripes of high visibility that will be of 5cm in width.

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