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Equal Opportunities Workplace is Still a Long Road

By Aileen Scott In Education Posted On December 17,2018 0 Comments

The recent spate of #MeToo has re-ignited a topic that practically never dies down. There were tweets, posts with the hashtag and accounts of statutory sexual harassment. Harassment, is a mammoth issue, but there are other elephants in the room. Even when, corporates curb harassment cases, discrimination stays. In a recent news Wall Street is shying away from hiring women employees in the wake of the “#metoo” movement. Fear and prejudice become the breeding ground of discrimination.

Not just the current storm, but a bias against women exist, when it comes to appointing senior management roles or even equal pay. It is not just technology or banking that go chauvinist. Education is one surprise sector that goes heavy in the discrimination department. The silver lining is that the gender discrimination takes a decreasing trend as the generations proceed. Millennials understand gender parity more than Baby Boomers. The hope for a real equal opportunity workplace gets a flicker, though not a strong boost.

The State of Workplace Gender Parity 2018 – A TopCHRO Report comes with a researched and detailed picture of workplace gender discrimination.

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