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How to Resolve Visa Refusal issues while Re-Applying for UK Immigration

By Jude Adams In Education Posted On September 18,2019 0 Comments

Immigration process of the UK is highly technical and structured. One cannot pass it having a weak application as the barriers of the entry can be less intimidation for strong profiles only. But even when people have it all they sometimes make tiny mistakes in the application that leads them to the refusal of the application. In the year 2018 second quarter, about 100684 applications were rejected having 9.67 per cent of refusal rate. We have listed down some solutions to common refusal problems that can help you out.

Following are the ways you can resolve your Visa refusal problem and reapply for the immigration for the UK.

Hire Immigration Solicitor

 Hiring an immigration solicitor in the first place can save you from your visa getting refused. It might cost you some charges but the smoothness in the process would be worth it. If you did not hire one previously then you can for reapplication. As the immigration solicitors are well informed about the rules, policies and practical aspect. They can help you in your application and inform you of how to make it a strong one. You can search for a lawyer even online using immigration solicitors near me.

Proper Documentation

If you are applying for a visa for the first time and not completely guided on how you should file your documents, then it might cause your refusal. Therefore, you should get some idea and guide on filing the documentation. It can be through the person who has undergone the same procedure or through any other available resource that you find trusting. The online guide on the travel websites and official websites can also help you out in this.

Availability of Funds

Availability of funds is another reason your visa request can be refused. If you are asking for permission for a long time then you will be needing some balance to support your regular needs. And if your bank account details show that you cannot afford the living in the UK then the request will be refused. As they might think of you getting into some illegal or criminal activity to support the basic needs when you end up the balance.

Avoid lack of disclosure

Another reason for the visa to be refused is the lack of disclosure or incomplete documentation. All the things you say you do should have any evidence to support your argument. As well as for all those things as well which you say you would do like if in case of stay you need to have enough funds, which will be supported from the document of your bank record. In case, you do not provide all the required data and details, your visa request will be refused.

To conclude, these are some of the basic requirements that might be missing in your application and caused your refusal. Therefore, you should look into these important points before you reapply for the visa in the UK.

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