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How We Improved Our Dissertation in One Month

By Whitney Hart In Education Posted On June 10,2019 0 Comments

The daunting task of completing dissertations has the potential to overwhelm even the most motivated and dedicated students. A dissertation can be lengthy and time consuming. However, it does not have to be the ultimate nightmare for students. This is because they can learn many things by understanding the key strategies. It is important for the students to remain active and aware about the basic strategies to complete such work.


Start Taking Ownership:


Students can complete and improve their dissertations only when they are able to get in the driver’s seat. They are the ones who have to complete the dissertation. No one else is concerned or will be involved. Consequently, the students need to take ownership so that they can start the work as soon as possible. They also need to be realistic and negotiate the requirements with the committee. Getting approval for the topic is the first step while students should develop an adequate plan to meet the needs.


Avoid Multitasking:


Multitasking is never a successful approach because it can only lead to wastage in time and efforts. Some students’ can struggle like answering mails, running experiments or performing home activities. It is important to change the above approach because it will only lead to disappointment and more frustration. Additionally, multitasking reduces concentration and breeds frustration in individuals. Only focus on one thing will help students to improve their dissertation. They can allow themselves to work slowly and gradually which will produce significant benefits. For instance, they could concentrate on the dissertation methodology structure.


Use Existing Samples and Research:


There is no need to write the outline or structure from scratch because there are many samples that can assist students in the design of their work. Writing from scratch can only lead to constant writing and rewriting. By modeling the thesis according to previously submitted dissertations, students are optimized to achieve success. The dissertation methodology structure can be taken from other sources. Such a strategy will assist the writers in completing their own dissertations efficiently. The important lesson is students need to be smart and intelligent when writing their dissertations. They need to develop an appropriate methodology and strive to work towards the major goals of the research study.


Take Real Breaks:


Always take real breaks because they can be used to reconsider the writing strategy or to remove writers’ block. By using such a strategy, it is imperative that writers should strive to achieve success. They should develop an integrated strategy through which they can learn and modify their writing strategy. The development of an integrated framework means that it is important to achieve success. Moreover, it is through the use of various strategies that success can be achieved by students. Breaks help to rejuvenate the mind and allow the students to refocus and double their efforts in completing the work.


The dissertation is the expression of students’ research skills and competencies. They need to develop a comprehensive framework that will allow them to achieve success. It is through practice and preparation that students will be able to write good and efficient dissertations. Moreover, it is crucial that they should continuously update and modify their strategies to achieve success.

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