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Java is an object oriented, internet programming language.

Its main features are:-

? Platform Independence.

? Security



It is a programming model that simplifies software development and maintenance by providing certain rules which are followed by the designer at the time of designing the software and by the developers at the time of developing and maintaining the software.

The major advantage of this model is that we have habituated this model in our day to day life.

Basic concepts of OOP?s

i. Object

ii. Classification

iii. Generalization & Inheritance

iv. Polymorphism

v. Data Encapsulation


Internet Programming

? Internet Programming is the facility of developing such programs which are stored on the web server and are sent to the client machine as part of the response to be executed within client?s browser.

? Internet Programming adds interactivity to the web pages


That is, a Language is platform independent if:-

? It is compiled in a platform neutral manner.

? Language provides its own runtime environment for the execution of its application.

? Language provides a comprehensive library for the application developers to develop all types of application without using the O/S concern.




Program is created in an editor and stored on disk in a file endind with .java .

Compiler creates bytescodes and stores them on disk in a file ending with .class

Class loader reads .class files containg bytecides from disk and put those bytecodes in memory.

Bytecode verifier confirms that all bytecodes are valid and donot voilate java security restrictions

To execute the program the jvm reads bytecodes and translates them into a language that the computer can understand. As the program executes it may store data values in primary memory.


Modules of java


1) Core java

2) Advance java

   * Servlet

   * Jsp

   * Struts 2.x

   * Spring

   * Hibernate

   * Webservice




Core Java is the minimum requirement to be a Java developer. After this course, Candidate have following options:


1. They can learn Android and can become Android App developer.

2. They can learn Advance Java & Frameworks and can become enterprise application developer.


3. They can learn Testing tools such as selenium and can become Automation tester.


 Advance Java  is designed for those  candidates who want be Java Web Application Developer. Core Java is the minimum reqirement for this course. After completing this course candidate can develop their own dynamic web applications in Java


Spring is general purpose and most commonly used Java framework. to become successful in Java web application developer  knowledge of Spring is must.


Hibernate is the most commonly used ORM framework of Java. It deals with persistence of application data in database.


Jobs & Company


Regarding Job oppoutunity java developer is most demanding in market today.

Allmost 80 % Software company hire java developer.

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