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Learn all about Defensive Driving

By Kathlin Smith In Education Posted On June 21,2018 0 Comments

Defensive driving seems to be a completely new word that is thrown around a lot, is it not? In this highly informative article, we shall see what defensive driving is and how it helps the students.

Defensive Driving is the type of driving which focuses on the ways to make drivers safe during driving. It is in high demand because it enables drivers to predict hazards and dangers before they happen and take steps to avoid them accordingly. Therefore, these tips and strategies go beyond the typical traffic procedures and traffic laws. In the case of defensive driving, therefore, students learn about improving their existing driving skills, learning new ones, making well-informed decisions on the road. These strategies are carried out based on the existing environmental and road conditions present at the time of driving.  

Next, we shall talk about the many benefits of Defensive Driving

Benefits Of Defensive Driving

When you take a defensive driving course, the benefits are many. The most common benefit is that it helps to be safe during your time behind the wheel. Because you are taught to anticipate dangers and to have situational awareness at all times, you are practically much safer than other people on the road. Additionally, you learn to be a responsible member of the community. For instance, you understand that while on the road and in a traffic, one needs to think about everyone there, and not just about reaching the destination by any means necessary.  

Another well-known benefit is that if you take this kind of course, points are deducted from your driver’s license in case of a ticket incident and you get the assurance that your insurance rates shall not be climbing. In some states of the USA, you can get 10% less or off from your insurance rates for a period of 3 to 5 years.

However, remember that just like there are benefits in taking this kind of course, so are the requirements or obligations. Most basic defensive driving courses and training is around 4 hours long, while there are some that are 8 hours long. As you can understand, these do not take more than a couple of days. These are comprehensive and in-depth lessons that are taught almost continuously so that people shall be able to remember the lessons easily.

Sometimes, when a person has a record of rash driving or reckless driving, the police and the courts require the people to take defensive driving courses so that they have a change to become responsible drivers.

Therefore, you can see that going to Defensive Driving training gives you a whole lot of benefits.


There are many ways in which a Defensive Driving training is better than your conventional driving training. However, remember that this depends on the conventional training itself. Thus, you should search for ‘driving classes near me’, or rather, yourself.

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