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Meccademia: Our Engineering Coaching Classes Facilitate Learning For Success

By Meccademia (MA) In Education Posted On August 07,2019 0 Comments

With engineering exams becoming more and more intense with each passing year, aligning oneself with the right engineering coaching classes can be the difference between making or missing your engineering entrance exam. Competitive engineering exams require the students to be disciplined, focused, motivated, have the right guidance and do regular practise. Selecting the coaching classes best suited to your needs is the first most important decision towards clearing your entrance exam. At Meccademia, we ensure you remain at the top of your game.

Our Strengths:

·         Best Guidance: Our 62+ faculty is among the top mentors in the field. They are highly experienced and each has mentored and put in long hours to gain their current standpoint. They are well versed with the exam patterns and the approach that should be used to solve the questions. With Meccademia, our highly experienced teachers will not only be available for personal doubt clearing sessions but also round the clock to help clear any problems anytime during self-study sessions, all the way through.

·         Carefully designed study material: At Meccademia a comprehensive study material based on the trends and patterns of the exam has been designed by experts. While stress is laid on building a complete understanding of the basics yet the course material achieves a fine balance in the nature of selected application problems. Moreover, ample stress has been laid on making it Board exam friendly. The course books have been carefully selected to help students in their study.

·         Stress on practice and competition: Meccademia believes in the strength of bringing like-minded students together to achieve their aims. Our classrooms have been designed to aid students to sit and discuss things. We stress on group study so that the right momentum can be built. We help create the right atmosphere both tangible and intangible to ease the pressure of the exam.

·         Building confidence: Confidence of the student is a prerequisite to clear the exam. Our methods of regular practise sessions, facilitating self study, providing structured course material, healthy and focused classroom practises like regular mock tests, revisions and sample paper solving, have shown good results over the years. They help in channelizing the students towards building their confidence to crack the exam.

·         Time Management: Engineering exams are known to be especially competitive, with very low acceptance rates. Students face exceptionally tough conditions to clear this exam. For this, continuous time based practise is very crucial to clearing the exam. Time management is of utmost importance here. Therefore, at Meccademia, the lesson plans are undertaken in a time based schedule to help students grasp the subject and also enable enough space for self study to help create better learning.

·         Value for Money: Recognising the competitive market in the field, Meccademia strives to provide value for your money. We offer best of services at competitive prices to help you achieve your goals.

At a focused level Meccademia commands in exam preparations for the following entrance exams:

Ø  JEE(Main) Exam

Ø  JEE(Advance) Exam

Ø  VITEEE Entrance Exam

Ø  Manipal Engg. Exam

Ø  IPU-CET Engg. Exam

Ø  AMU Engg. Exam

Ø  BITSAT Engg. Exam

Also, for rudimentary development of children, Meccademia offers Foundation Grade Program for classes VIII, IX & X to help students in their future courses. Preparation for the following exams are covered in this program:




Ø  Olympiad Exam

Ø  KVPY Exam

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