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Tip and Tricks to Write a Catchy Introduction Chapter

By Whitney Hart In Education Posted On September 05,2019 0 Comments

To engage readers in your writing, we need to have a spectacular start with our introduction section. Introduction chapter sets the tone of your dissertation project. This section tells the audience- why this research is being conducted? The need of this research, the main factors we are going to address. You are going to know the importance of the introduction chapter in this article, and how can you come up with an extraordinary start to get the required attention from your reader. Let’s start this!

Ø  Start off with an appealing statement

First thing to get off to a great start is by starting your dissertation article with an appealing sentence. If you want to grab the attention of the readers, this is the best possible practice. Use these appealing statement and get him trapped in your words. Make him think that this dissertation paper is worth reading. It is generally being observed that readers make his mind regarding any research articles by reading first few lines. If they get a catchy start, they will obviously want to read more about it.

Ø  Don’t make it boring

You might be of the opinion that you always need boring educational terms to start off your dissertation, but that might not be true. Using educational words is a good plan to start, but don’t make it so stiff that readers doesn’t want to read more. Make it exciting and worth appealing. A boring start will not take you anywhere.

Ø  Let the reader know about the topic

A good introduction chapter always introduce the topic to the reader. You don’t just have to mention the name of the title, thinking you have introduced your audience. Introduction is same like an orientation. We let the reader know that what is the topic about. Is there anything specific that we are going to discuss regarding a topic? This will make a first image in the reader’s mind. He will get to know what this research is about.

This can further include background of the topic. Tell them what past researchers have been doing and what was the gap that made you feel that there is a further point that needs to be researched. Make sure that the point is attractive and it gets along with the modern environment. Don’t look for research gaps which were discussed centuries ago.

Ø  Purpose of the research

Gradually as we go deep into the introduction, we shall discuss the purpose of the research. This will indicate that what derived you to conduct research. What aims do we have in mind?  Are there any reasonable and logical objects behind the research? To get more of these tip and tricks, you can search for Dissertation Help with Chapter.

Ø  Predict the future

Introduction of your dissertation is like the starting part of movie. You tell your audience about all the characters and gets the movie started. As they fall into this introduction section, they have enough content to predict that what is going to happen later in the research. This is to keep the audience more focused and attached to the research. Not giving them any clue about research in the introduction, might can put them off.

Ø  Structure/Methodology

Tell the audience, what methodology are you going to use in the research. This might refer to the type of research you are going to conduct? Tools to be used in the research. It can further guide the reader that how are you going to analyze the data.


Introduction is the first step through which you start the journey of your reader. Tell them what is the journey about? How will you be going there? Which path are you going to approach? What your destination be like? Give them brief idea of all the things, but make sure you keep the hype and don’t tell them everything, as it won’t keep any curiosity.

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