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3 Reasons You Should Visit The Hippodrome Burlesque Show

By Caitlyn Williams In Entertainment Posted On November 21,2018 0 Comments

Wondering where to go this Saturday? We have just the place for you — burlesque club London at The Hippodrome Casino. With one of the best shows in town, this is where all the action is on weekends. If you need specific reasons, here are our top X:

• It stars Miss Polly Rae, the winner of Best Burlesque London Cabaret Award in 2015. The indomitable Miss Rae turns up the temperature with her sultry and sexy act. It’s an outrageous show that will leave you hot under the collar. She sets up an intimate mood of a boudoir where you get a sensual invitation for all things sexy and saucy.

• The show boasts of other leading names from the London burlesque scene — Kitty Bang Bang, Winner of the Best Burlesque London Cabaret Awards 2014, Bettsie Bon Bon Beau Rocks and Ayesha H. The late night burlesque and cabaret soiree is meant to titillate and fascinate you. You’ll be left shocked, amused, entertained and enthralled.

• It also features hilarious comedy, songs and debauchery in the tradition of burlesque club London. . Putting up a rib-tickling bawdy show are the royalty of London’s burlesque scene — Dusty Limits, Reuben Kaye, Lady Carol and Frisky Mivaj.

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