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Here’s What Awaits You Inside Hippodrome’s Burlesque Club

By Caitlyn Williams In Entertainment Posted On November 03,2018 0 Comments

As one of the few global cities with a rich history, London is widely known for its numerous marvels. Hippodrome Casino happens to be one of those mesmerising places in the heart of the city. Having started as a regular theatre, Hippodrome today is a full-fledged casino, a range of bars and restaurants to serve you, and a variety of slot machines spread all across the facility. But that’s not all! While here, you can also be a part of the best Burlesque club in London. Get your tickets for the saucy show inside Hippodrome’s 180-seat in-house theatre and be ready to surprise yourself all night long.

Highlights of Hippodrome’s Burlesque shows

Miss Polly Rae undoubtedly is the biggest star of the show. Winner of 2015 Best Burlesque London Cabaret Awards, the beautiful diva will invite you to a spectacular show up ahead that will spice up your night like never before. Other highlights of this popular Burlesque club in London include:

• Cheeky Burlesque clowns and delightful comedians who give it all to make you laugh

• Teasing and titillating performances by all other beauties of the show, including Kitty Bang Bang, Betsy Rose, Bettsie Bon Bon, and others

• High quality acoustics that are meant to excite you and entice you in all ways

• Top-notch performances by leading artists of jazz, swing, soul, and more

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