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4 Secrets of Eating Pizza and not getting Fat

By Timothy Klein In Food & Drink Posted On June 18,2020 0 Comments

Are you on diet and still looking for “pizza takeaway near me?” or just holding your self back to stay away from it? Then you have clicked the right page. We will unleash the 4 exciting secrets of eating pizza which will not make you gain weight and put extra calories. Here are the keys to eating pizza and staying in shape.

Order thin crust pizza

The bulk of calories lies in the crust not in the toppings so always go those having thin crusts. The thin crust would have less amount of flour and carbs which have great potential to bring in fats to the body. The thin crust pizza is equally delicious and hygiene as well. The main purpose of choosing the thin-crusted pizza is that it will be lighter and have more chicken and veggies on the top as compared to the double crust ones.

Double cut the slices

A regular pizza comes up with eight slices, which means you have eight chances to grab the piece. The pieces are highly rich in terms of calories. It is suggested that the pieces should further be cut into more slices i.e. into 16 pieces. This will have a psychological effect on you when you are eating and heading towards the other slice. For instance, if you are eating one large slice you might be thinking to go for another one too but if you are already eating the half-cut slice you would be like having another slice as a final one. By doing this the pizza intake level got minimized.

Drying away the excessive calories

It is always good to wash away the calories which are on the topping. You can simply take a tissue paper and let it absorb the excess oil from it. This will save you from almost taking 50 straight calories. This smart trick is commonly practiced in fried food items but you can try this on your pizza too which will keep you away from getting blotted.

Be gentle while eating

Always be light while eating pizza. You cannot stop yourself from eating once your taste buds are enjoying the meal. But to keep the count on calories and remain on the safe side of diet, always look for the amount which you have just eaten or going to eat. The amount must be friendly as per your diet and weight loss regime.

Last Words

By following the above-mentioned routine eating pizza can save you to put extra weight on you. Eating smart is the key no matter what you eat and when you eat. Just be smart and open to eating habits so that you can have a conscious idea of what and how you are eating. Pizzas are always a treat for one so don’t keep your hands away from this meal, eat with your friends, and have a joy able experience without any regrets!

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