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5 Effective Tips For Restaurant Renovations

By David Symond In Food & Drink Posted On April 06,2020 0 Comments

The experts of restaurant renovation in Toronto have come up with a list of effective tips that will help your in your restaurant renovation project.

1.       Add a new coat of colour to your façade-

The exterior of your restaurant is the first thing that people get to see. This is the first impression that you get to create and this can have a lasting effect on the minds of your potential customers. They develop a perception about your brand, service, and the food, only looking at the exterior of your restaurant.

Colour highly impacts how people see and experience and perceive things. Hence, you need to choose the right colour for your restaurant’s exterior.

Go for an exterior paint that matches with your brand and emits a positive vibe. For example, the red colour is said to increase hunger. So, you could go for a bold red door.

You may also add a few accent colours that could include painting the doors, shutters, or just a panel to cut down on the costs.

2.      Enhance your furnishings-

Customers at your restaurant will get considerable amount of time before they are served the food they have ordered. In this time, so notice and observe the surroundings of your restaurant, the furnishings inside.

If your tables, chairs, and benches are worn out, consumers may associate it with poor-quality food or service.

The smart idea would be to change the colours of your furniture. This also impacts how much people order and how they receive the amount of food you are serving. In fact, it determines whether or not they are going to come back to your or not.

To save costs, refinish the furnishings as and when needed instead of getting it done as a whole. Begin with the brightly lit, most exposed areas/ parts of your furniture.

3.      Re-vibe your flooring-

The floors are tortured and tested by foot traffic, spills, and crumbs, in any and every restaurant. You must want your flooring to look attractive and clean enough to hide the spills and stains.

Your flooring consumes the individually largest expanse of any room/ area in your restaurant. Hence, you want something that looks great and sets the tone for the other parts of the room.

For the flooring of your restaurant, you may get several options like a natural cleft slate that hides all the stains and spills, offering a rustic appeal that complements many settings.

Or, you could go for an acrylic-infused engineered hardwood flooring that are virtually indestructible, and gives a new and modern feel to your restaurant.

If you cannot afford to refurbish you flooring all at once, begin with focussing in the essential first-impression-based sections. Those areas could include the entrance, the foyer, the bar, or the waiting area.

4.      Go for new lighting-

Proper lighting is a very important factor of any interior design. A good restaurant has lighting done in layers, so that you can precisely control what your customers see.

Install lights throughout your restaurant. Ambient lighting will illuminate the room as a whole. See that you choose a warm colour for this lighting, only bright enough to facilitate easy navigation.

Put in task lights near every table. This illuminates the tables individually, adding an intimate vibe to each setting, while there is enough light for the customers to read through your menu.

You can also use accent lighting to highlight the artwork on your walls if any. Install such lighting to any area that you wish to show off before your customers.

Keep a combination of all the three types of lighting mentioned above to generate the best results.

To cut down on your costs, you can use the task lighting right at the tables via candles or small battery-powered lamps. You need not get a big fixture to set this lighting right.

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