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Eating a Full Course Meal at an Indian Restaurant in San Antonio

By David Bergman In Food & Drink Posted On February 06,2019 0 Comments

India is famous worldwide for mainly two things. The first is the rich and unique multicultural heritage of the country and the second is the cuisine. Indian food is loved globally for its diversity in flavors and preparations. There are multiple versions on one dish originating from the different provinces. The cuisine carries the impression of the multicultural and multilingual background of the country.

When having dinner or lunch at an authentic Indian restaurant in San Antonio, you have to have a full course meal. It helps you to experience Indian food in its entirety. With each course, you can feel your taste buds opening up to new flavors, which is nothing less than an adventure.


There are mainly three courses for an Indian meal. It starts with appetizers, which consists of a variety of finger foods followed by the main course. The Indian food main course has many options which we will further explore in this article. No meal is complete without tasting the sweets, so the dessert section is what you need to explore before finishing the meal. There are other accompaniments like salads, drinks etc. that are also worth trying. 


Appetizers are the dishes that you have at the beginning of the meal. These are supposed to boost your appetite and you will find loads of options on an Indian menu. People who prefer vegetarian can order the pakoras and samosas from the menu. These are served with dips and chutneys. If you are a non-vegetarian then you can either opt for fish and chicken pakora or tikka kebab from the tandoor section. Appetizers like these, keep you asking for more, which gets taken care of in the main course.  


The main course is like the centerpiece of the meal. When you are eating at an Indian restaurant, this section of the meal will be covered by rice or flatbread along with a vegetarian or non-vegetarian curry.


India is famous for its variety of flatbread. It is baked or roasted on a grill or skillet on inside an oven. There are the normal ones such as roti and naan. But if you want something with more flavors then you can try the ones with stuffings such as kulcha, paratha etc.


There are multiple variations in the rice recipes as well. If you like it plain and simple then you can have steamed rice. However, there are other delicious rice dishes like pulav and biryani. Pulav is made with whole spices and dry fruits. But the real deal is biryani. The chicken or meat is cooked separately and then it is layered with rice and fried onions. You haven’t taste authentic Indian food unless you have tried biryani.   


Indian curries are loved all over the world. There are popular vegetarian dishes like dal tarka, dal makhani, malai kofta, vegetable korma, aloo gobi etc. In the non-vegetarian section, there are options in chicken, goat, lamb, beef, and fish. Choose whichever you like and pair it with rice or bread. Some of the famous non-veggie delights will have terms like karahi, vindaloo, curry, and korma.


Now let’s move on to the last leg, the sweetest part of the meal, which is the dessert section. Indian sweets are unlike anything that you have tasted. It is the “cherry on the cake” part of an awesome cuisine. When at an Indian restaurant in Saint Antonio, you must try the kulfi, which is basically ice cream with dry fruits in it. If you are not in the mood for anything cold, then you can have kheer (rice pudding), gulab jamun or rasmalai.

So, that was it a full course Indian meal explained to you in details. The next time you are at a restaurant that specializes in Indian cuisine; do have the food in the above-mentioned order for an enjoyable culinary experience.

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