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Innovative Ways to make your Birthday Party more Awesome!

By Ravi Ranjan In Food & Drink Posted On August 22,2018 0 Comments

People of all age groups in all parts of the world have different and unique notions as to how their best birthday party will be. Little children, teenagers, adults and even old people all have their unique ideas so to how they can make their birthday parties more fun, cool and memorable. If you want to throw an even cooler party for your next birthday, and money, time and resources aren't a big issue or problem, read on to know more. 

1. Throw a Pool Party! 

If your birthday comes in the summer months and despite the hot weather you want to have your party outside, doing it on a pool side is an awesome idea. Just imagine, sitting on the pool sides, sipping on cool refreshing drinks while binging on scrumptious birthday cake and jumping in for an occasional dip. There are so many games that you could play in the pool too. Splashing around in a pool on a hot summer day with friends is an awesome idea for people of all different age groups. You can get this at online cake delivery in Delhi to celebrate your party.

2. Hire a DJ!

If you and your friends and family like to sing and dance like maniacs, hiring a DJ will ensure you find yourself in the hands of a person who has a good playlist and makes the entire experience of dancing even more superb. Instead of going to a club which is over-crowded and chaotic and paying unnecessary money, hiring a professional DJ at your own home or your birthday venue is any day a better idea. 

3. Set up a photo booth and get a professional photographer! 

If you are a person who loves clicking pictures and taking selfies all day long then to heat things up for your birthday, get a photographer with a good DSLR camera and set up a photo booth with fun and quirky props to make things interesting. You can get professional photographs with all your family and friends on your special day and make an amazing photo album of one of your best birthdays ever!

4. Have a Themed birthday party!                                                                                                                                      

People no matter what their age can have a theme for their birthday party. It’s a fun and quirky way to make things more exciting and incorporate the feeling of Halloween even on your birthday. Some of the most popular themes are Las Vegas, Hollywood Celebrities, Super-heroes, Music Artists and many others. You can ask your guests to dress up according to the theme and later even play a guessing game to see who dressed up as whom. A masquerade ball is also one of the most popular themes for a birthday party with an online cake shop in Patna.

5. Get a Karaoke Box!                                                                                                                                                            

If you love to sing and completely think of yourself as the next best yet to be discovered music artist, why not get a karaoke set on your birthday party and bring the house down singing and screaming on top of your lungs! Scream and Shout and let it all out!

6. Hire a Tattoo Artist!                                                                                                                                                 

This may seem a bit absurd but quite a few people do like the idea of getting a tattoo, if not a permanent one then at least a temporary sticker tattoo. You can ask the tattoo artist to get a magazine or journal of all kinds of designs and patterns of tattoo that you would like and your entire squad and gang of friends can get matching tattoos. This is an idea that is quite innovative and not everyone does it. Be the first one to do so and become the hot topic! You can also get a nail art artist if that is something you find quite exciting and fun. 

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