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Make your desserts healthier by adding sesame seeds!

By jyoti yadav In Food & Drink Posted On October 17,2018 0 Comments

Yes, there are multiple ways of making a sweet treat extremely healthy and beneficial to your health. Modern day desserts have started incorporating a variety of herbs, spices and other condiments to make them healthier and of course more delicious. Usage of a variety of unique and distinct ingredients such as herbs, spices, and other condiments adds a wow factor to the flavor, aroma and texture of the dessert and obviously a healthier factor too.

Sesame seeds known more popularly as til in India are extensively used in all kinds of desserts all around the world. They are of different types and each different type has different and varied uses and benefits. Both white sesame seeds as well as black sesame seeds can be utilized while making food especially desserts such as cakes. It is a seed whose all plant parts can be used in one way or the other. Sesame seeds, the leaves, the flowers, oil and extracts, everything has a unique benefit and can be incorporated in food dishes to add that extra wow factor and also to make it healthier. You can see the use of sesame seeds in desserts such as wafers, nougatines, cookies, ice-creams, panna cottas and obviously cakes. Sesame seeds also have immense health properties and are an awesome way to improve your health. They have a good amount of magnesium, phosphorous, iron, calcium content adding numerous health benefits to food dishes that contain sesame seeds. Just order birthday cake online in Bangalore

and enjoy the brilliant benefits and an awesome taste of sesame seeds cake.

Here are the awesome and healthy benefits of sesame seeds cakes:

·         If you are a vegetarian and do not get enough of proteins, you can eat a sesame seeds cake and also try to incorporate this amazing condiment in your vegetable curries, rice, salads, breads, noodles and more. Sesame seeds are high in protein content and can provide your body with necessary amount of protein intake that vegetarian foods do not have enough of.


·         If you are suffering from anemia and feel week and tired all the time, eat sesame seeds cakes and other desserts on a daily basis. A cake has all the essential vitamins and minerals and iron and along with sesame seeds is the perfect method to deal and fight against the condition of anemia.

·         Sesame seeds also are an effective way to deal with problems and challenges related to the heart. Cardiovascular health can be significantly improved by incorporating sesame seeds in your daily diet. Heart attacks, cardiac arrests, strokes and more can all be prevented and kept at bay. Sesame seeds also get rid of the bad cholesterol levels in the body and increase the good cholesterol levels.

·         Sesame seeds also have the capacity to prevent cancer since it has a high magnesium content which prevents the risk of all kinds of cancer and also tumors. 

·         To improve your digestive health, and get rid of your stomach problems, you can eat sesame seeds on a daily basis. If you have an upset stomach, loose motion, constipation or anything else at all, sesame seeds are the most effective way and the perfect medicine to deal with such problems and more such as stomach cramps.

·         Health conditions such as arthritis and even respiratory problems like asthma and chest congestion can be effectively dealt with using sesame seeds. They can help to make your muscles stronger and more flexible and also clear your lungs and air passage. You can breathe easily and also do hard physical work properly as long as your diet consists of sesame seeds.

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