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Should Restaurants Use Eco Friendly Food Packaging

By Timothy Klein In Food & Drink Posted On December 10,2019 0 Comments

Consumers’ attitudes toward products and brands always keep changing. The biggest swing that we are experiencing now is associated with the climate change campaign. Especially they are paying attention to the food; how it is prepared, processed and packed. This climate effect has become a considering factor around the world among consumers. They pay attention to packaging material while searching Pizza Takeaways Near Me on the internet.

This means that manufacturers and brands have to act accordingly. With the environment on the agenda, restaurants have to provide Eco-friendly packaging.

How Is Consumers’ Attitude changing?

The trend of organic and environmental-friendly products is not new. Some brands have been using these terms for many years. However, consumers were perceiving this info as a “sales pitch” rather than an essential value. But now, after being aware of climate sustainability, more and more people are preferring Eco-friendly goods.

Statistics show that around 88% of shoppers want to see recycling information written on the packaging. Surprisingly, they prefer to purchase plastic-free products, especially food items.

Why Use Eco-friendly Food Packaging?

Consumer’s attitude is the reason why the food industry and restaurants are focusing on this issue. They are trying to follow consumer shifts and paying attention to their preferences. And consumers are selecting products that come in Eco-friendly packaging.

Here are a few reasons why restaurants should use environment-friendly packaging.

1.Easy to Dispose Of

The major reason for using Eco-friendly food packaging is that it can be easily disposed of. These cause less damage to the environment and if biodegradable, these can be composted. Some packaging materials can be reused or recycled again.

2. Fewer Carbon Footprints

Manufacturing of plastic packaging takes energy and causes carbon emissions. Whereas eco-friendly materials consume less energy and emit less carbon. Fewer carbon emissions and recycling make these materials a better choice. By using environment-friendly packaging, food brands can improve their image and sell more products to consumers.

3. A Healthier Packaging

Chemicals are added to prolong the shelf life of plastic packaging. But these chemicals can cause health concerns because of their harmful impacts. On the contrary, biodegradable packaging does not carry chemicals. There are no chemicals involved in the manufacturing process of such packaging. This packs it a healthier choice for both consumers as well as the environment.

4. Cost-Effective

We already have discussed that consumers are willing to pay for Eco-friendly packaging. But it is not as costly as it seems due to its high demand. Higher demand means higher use which in turn can prove to be more cost-effective.

Environment-friendly material is not as bulky as other materials. It is lightweight and hence can lessen the shipping cost as you can buy these in bulk.

5. Companies Can Get Subsidies

Consumers are willing to pay extra charges for Eco-friendly packaging. But companies can save expenditure costs by using it. Surprised? Some governments in Europe are offering subsidies to companies for using Eco-friendly packaging. Not only can you get subsidy but you may also receive a reward or recognition for doing so.

Last Words

British consumers want Eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging. By preferring such packaging, they are forcing brands to change their packaging material. It is in restaurants’ own interest to opt for reusable and recyclable material. This way they can engage with their consumers and let them know that they care about sustainable climate.

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