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The Most Important Tips for Planning a Pizza Party

By Emilia Dawson In Food & Drink Posted On April 02,2020 0 Comments

Pizza parties are a perfect way to celebrate any event or occasion — from children’s birthdays to high school graduations. You can even plan a pizza party to celebrate the completion of a successful sports season. Pizza is a crowd-pleasing snack that every party goer can enjoy. Pizza is also affordable, easy to eat, and tasty!

If you’re willing to get excited about your next occasion, read these tips for planning a perfect and best pizza party.

Choose a Great And Cool Location

The initial step of pizza party preparation is choosing the best location. Depending on the reason for the celebration, the choices for pizza party venues for children are endless. If you are planning a birthday party, you’ll desire to pick a place that offers other fun attractions or activities, like a bowling alley or arcade. When preparing a party to watch the big tournament, having a big television and a lot of seating will be a preference.

If you choose to pay a party place at a local attraction, make sure the venue allows outside catering so you can still order and enjoy pizza delivery from your favorite pizzeria like John's Pizzeria & Bakery. 

Set the Date and Time

One of the many excellent things about pizza is that it can be enjoyed at any time. Pizza can be a good meal for dinner or quick lunch for a lunchtime party. 

When deciding the time for your pizza party, estimate the age of the guests. While adults may like a late-night pie, younger kids are likely to be craving earlier in the day. Weekends are a fabulous time for a pizza party, but be sure to order your pizza in advance.

Send the Invites

Once you have chosen a location and fixed the date, it’s time to invite the guests. Your pizza party invitations can be as simple or as inventive as you need. 

Here are a few details to add to your pizza party invites:

  • Location, date and time

  • Dress code, if applicable

  • Things to bring

  • Allergies or food preferences

Order Enough Food

The classic dilemma of pizza party preparation is determining how many pizzas to order for your group. You need to order enough food that no one leaves hungry, without having too many leftovers to take home. In addition to pizzas, you can also offer other food options, like salads, sandwiches, pasta, and dessert. 

Pick the Best Pizzas

The centrepiece of a great pizza party is the pizza itself. After enjoying fun games and activities, your guests will be excited to sit down for a hot and cheesy pizza slice. But, every guest will have their own choice toppings and pizza favorites, which can make it tough to satisfy everyone. Here are a few suggestions for ordering the right pizzas for a pizza party:

  • Order lots of cheese

  • Keep the toppings simple

  • Deep dish and thin-crust 

  • Consider dietary limitations

  • Ask what your guests like

Another suggestion for choosing the best pizzas for a pizza party is, to begin with, the best pizza delivery shop near you. Just search for "best pizza near me". John's Pizzeria & Bakery is always on top of Google as it provides the best pizza delivery in Singapore. They will also offer a great menu of classic favorites and new flavors to taste.

Other Food Items

Along with Pizzas, you can also consider these food items for your celebrations:

  • Cheesy garlic bread

  • Italian meatballs

  • Chicken wings

  • Mozzarella sticks

  • Antipasti platter

  • Caprese salad or skewers

  • Classic house salad

  • Greek salad

  • Italian sub or sandwich

  • Turkey and cheese sandwich

  • Italian lasagna, etc.

Plan Your Next Pizza Party With John's Pizzeria & Bakery

John's Pizzeria & Bakery make delicious pizzas using fluffy mozzarella and the ripest tomatoes. 

To make your pizza party preparation even more comfortable, John's Pizzeria & Bakery offers both pick-up and delivery for orders. So place your order for the best pizza in town.

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