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2018: The year to lose weight by actually eating delicious, fatty food. Huh?

By niKETO Rokita In Health & Fitness Posted On January 22,2018 0 Comments

Nicole Rokita stands at the forefront of a revolutionary way of eating that can inspire change in individuals, with the potential to inspire change on a much larger scale. She dreams of a world driven by healthy choices, with less people suffering from obesity, and all of the health problems that come with it. Therefore, it has always been a goal of hers to find a solution for making healthy food choices easier, more appealing, and just as accessible as ordering from the various food delivery platforms out there. Determined to discover a solution that would work for everyone and anyone, even those who are not health conscious. For this, she had to think outside of the norm, and advance to a new concept of eating - a low-carbohydrate diet restaurant and lifestyle. 


Nicole became passionate about the keto lifestyle after seeing the difference it made for her, both inside and out. The gym was just not her thing, so instead, she chose to eat healthy to maintain her slim figure. But with age came weight gain, and eating healthy and counting calories was no longer working.

Using her own personal weight gain struggle to help guide her, she is on a mission to find a solution to help all of those who suffer from weight gain. Nicole initially became fascinated with the keto diet, because of her vague understanding that it was a diet in which you ate to lose weight. No gym. No calorie counting. No salad fasts or juice cleanses, but actual food, tasty food, and interestingly enough… Food high in fat. 

The rationale of reducing the amount of carbohydrates you consume made perfect sense to her, because of her sedentary lifestyle. Our bodies use carbohydrates for energy, but if we are not being active enough, we do not require so much energy, and those carbohydrates get stored as fat instead. So not only is it important to reduce the amount of carbs you eat in a sedentary lifestyle, but it’s important for anyone to maintain a low carbohydrate intake, because most of us are not exerting enough energy to match the amount of carbs we consume. Even if we were, our bodies can only use so much glycogen (from carbs) for energy, before our glycogen stores are full, and any remaining carbs that are consumed are converted to fat.

The keto diet has many positive benefits in regard to weight loss, mental clarity, improved mood, controlled appetite, decreased cravings, and less dependency on eating sugary, carbohydrate-rich foods in order to sustain a level and adequate amount of energy. Once Nicole started incorporating ketogenic concepts into her diet, she began to see that eating fat (not carbs) helped her lose fat, as it was being burned off to sustain energy levels without carbohydrates. This was a total game changer. From being on a complete ketogenic diet to just restricting her carbs, she has noticed she still reaps the same benefits either way. The ketogenic diet is a great way to kick-start weight loss, and cutting down on the amount of carbohydrates consumed on a daily basis is a great way to maintain your weight and also enjoy the various health benefits both the ketogenic diet and a low-carbohydrate diet have to offer.

Firmly established in this new lifestyle, she was unable to find readily made food to order and a wide variety of restaurant options that were also low in carbohydrates.  After seeing the amazing results from cutting the carbohydrates out of her diet, she wondered why this dietary lifestyle trend is not more mainstream or known amongst the general population.

Nicole started her blog niKETO in 2017 to educate others on the diet- and inspire those who struggle with losing weight by showing them an alternative way of eating.

Now, as the ketogenic diet gains popularity in today’s pop culture and media, Nicole intends to inspire change in individuals, and to inspire change on a much larger scale by reducing the amount of carbohydrates we consume as a whole. The concept of niKETO was influenced by the ketogenic diet, but the key to success for niKETO is much simpler, as our goal is not to encourage this drastic ketogenic dietary lifestyle change, but to create awareness about the negative effects that excess carbohydrates have on the body. We encourage carb-consciousness, and niKETO’s mission is to provide an easy and simple way to assist in the elimination the carbs from your diet, one delicious meal at a time. 

To learn more about the niKETO diet check out www.eatniketo.com. 

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