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3 Top Must-have Mini Portable Vaporizers

By Robert William In Health & Fitness Posted On October 30,2018 0 Comments

With so many options in mini portable vaporizers around, choosing the right one is a daunting task. Don’t panic, we will help you find the right one which suits your needs and requirements. Let’s check out the top must-have mini Vaporizers to buy this season.

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is the latest addition to the original one. This new version uses hot air heating style, which is really impressive. The device can now also vape two liquid pads in the kit. Not just that, the device comes with six preset settings which you can easily adjust as per your requirements. The vaporizer also features Bluetooth app to make more adjustments.

Key features:

Compact and light design

Fine quality materials like stainless steel, glass.

Dual-use vaporizer (vapes both herbs and waxes)

The smartphone app allows easily customized options.

Charges very fast (takes around 45 min to charge fully)

Titanium alloy heating element

Pax 3

This new version of Pax can vape both concentrates and herbs. The device comes with a separate insert for the concentrates. The chamber uses conduction heating technology and is made of stainless steel.

The device has one button on top of the unit which allows the users to easily on the devices you get four preset temperature settings. Also, you get a Bluetooth app which allows the smartphone users to change the settings with much ease.

Key Features

Made from medical-grade, high-quality materials which ensure excellent tasting vapors.

The highest temperature on the Pax is 420F
The compact, small design makes it a more comfortable device to carry around.

Dual-use vaporizer (vapes waxes and herbs)
The downloadable app offers four temperature settings.

Bluetooth compatible

The Arizer Air II

This amazing update of original Arizer Air is one of the best-selling mini portable vaporizers. The device comes with two heating styles and can vape both the concentrates and the leafy materials.

The device is compact and is a perfect choice pick to enjoy on-the-go vaping sessions. The Arizer Air II also features a small LED screen to adjust heating controls. The unite can vape between 122F and 420F.


The device uses the all-glass vapor path to ensure quality vapes.

The device is easy-to-use and easy to load.

LED display and up/down buttons allow for easy usage.
Uses a larger battery
All-ceramic heating chamber
Chamber can be pre-loaded
Adjustable temperature settings
Hybrid heating styles (conduction and convection)
Pass-through charging available

These are the three top picks in mini portable vaporizers this season. Choose the right one and enjoy excellent vaping sessions.

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