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9 Signs That You Might Be Calcium Deficient

By Ashish Gupta In Health & Fitness Posted On August 10,2019 0 Comments

We never bother about if we are taking the nutrition filled diet in this fast moving world. Calcium is a very important nutrient which gets overlooked most of the times & we don't even realize it untill body becomes the calcium deficient.

It is a known fact that the richest source of calcium is found in dairy products.  But there are also certain foods containing high oxalic acid and high amounts of sodium (like beet greens and sweet potatoes) that hinder calcium absorption.

Now that we know the significance of calcium, let us look at what happens when there is a disbalance between the production (lack of it) and usage of calcium.

Calcium deficiency symptoms:


Calcium deficiency can make a person feel light-headed, and this often leads to the person losing consciousness.

2. Tooth disease and decay

A body that is low in calcium tends to divert the calcium from the jaw area, especially the teeth. This gradual process of the teeth withering leads to tooth pain, decay and cavities.

3. Osteoporosis

According to the Osteoporosis Society of Australia, “Almost 99% of the body’s calcium is found in the bones. Calcium combines with other minerals to form hard crystals that give your bones strength and structure”. 

The problem arises when new bone growth is slower than bone loss. What happens next is inevitable -  poor bone health, weak bones and a possibility of fractures.

4. Problems with food swallowing

Low calcium level is known to affect the coordination between the nervous system and the muscles, which directly impacts our ability to swallow. 

5. Plays a role in blood clotting

Calcium plays an important part in the blood clotting process. Any deficiency hinders the clotting mechanism, which can sometimes be dangerous to patients who are already suffering from diseases like diabetes. 

6. Skin problems

Extreme dryness of the skin is found to be a result of calcium deficiency, which in turn can cause eczema. Increased intake is seen to reduce itching in people with dry skin and other skin-related issues. Here are natural solutions to get rid of pimples.

7. Tightness in the chest 

People with low calcium were found to have abnormal heart rhythms, with another symptom being tightness in their chest. Overall, people exhibited a general feeling of being uncomfortable.

8. Weak muscles

Frequent bouts of muscle aches and sudden spasms during physical activity indicate a calcium deficiency. Children and adults will subsequently complain of cramps, which do not go away with a massage or immediate movement.  

9.  General irritability

Low calcium levels lead to mood swings. People who are low on calcium tend to be anxious and irritable.

If you are calcium deficient, you must try eating calcium rich foods or Calcium tablets to get rid of deficiency.

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