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Current Situation Of Ground Water In India And The Water Purifier System

By Shweta Chandran In Health & Fitness Posted On July 24,2019 0 Comments

Introduction: - Having an efficient and powerful RO water purifier system at home is one of the most important steps towards a healthier life in today’s world because being a consumer you don’t want to get exposed the harmful contaminants present in the source water.  Behind the complex mechanism of a water purifier, the process of water purification happens. In which undesired chemical compounds, organic and inorganic materials, and biological contaminants are being removed from the water.

That process of purification also includes distillation and deionization which means “conversion of a liquid into vapor and then condenses it back to liquid state” and “removal of ions through the extraction of dissolved salts." One of the primary purposes of the water purification process is to provide clean drinking water.


Need for water purifier system: - Awareness about pure and safe drinking water is going throughout the country on a large scale. People are being educated to use a water purifier to be healthy. Many organizations and companies are focused towards providing a constant supply of fresh and drinkable water to customers of the large scale who are dependent on the utilization of tap, bore well, and municipal water supply. These brands do not just build the best water purifier system, but it also gives fast customer support and services. When a consumer buys a new RO system, the associated company ensures that all it consumers are going to have an ample amount of safe and pure water for an extended period resulting in the excellent health.

Companies are having dedicated professional to accomplish the business goals of the organization in real sense. The multi-stage Purification of their RO purifier removes dissolved impurities and Maintains minerals. Superior filter with excellent build quality makes this purifier a notch above the rest. As per the WHO recommendation, these water purifier is made from 100% virgin Food Grade Plastic. The related membranes are used to control hardness present in the water. The distilled water and deionized water is the most common forms of Purification of water, but it can also be purified by another process Like Membrane, carbon, Sediment, Microfilter, Ultra filter, and Ultraviolet.

The situation of Groundwater: - With around 4% of the world's water resources and 17% of the world's population living in India, people in the country rely heavily on rivers and underground water supply for their daily consumption. Unfortunately, owing to the rapid urbanization and industrialization has led to the degradation of India's water resources. The pesticides, chemical spills, plastics, industrial waste dumping, and rusting of water pipelines has further deteriorated the state of drinking water, leading to the emergence of a host of waterborne diseases like cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, jaundice, tuberculosis and even cancer.

It’s hard to believe that over 37.7 million Indians are affected by water-borne diseases annually with more than 1.5 million children are estimated to have lost their lives due to diarrhea alone! It is of great concern that more than 80% of stomach diseases in India are caused by polluted drinking water. With traditional methods of water purification like boiling becoming fast obsolete, the next generation water purification methods not only a requirement anymore but a need of the moment.

With the help of science, technology, and innovation, it is possible to remove pathogens along with suspended and other dissolved impurities from natural water and make it fit for human consumption. It is to be noted that only boiling the water is no longer useful for today's water contaminants. Thus, a typical range of best water purifier system in India can be majorly classified according to the purification techniques employed such as RO (Reverse Osmosis) UF (Ultrafiltration) or Gravity purification UV (Ultra Violet) Purification

RO over Traditional Methods: - To have a healthier life water purifier system are an excellent choice for almost every homes in the country. Over the years the term RO (Reverse Osmosis) purifiers have become so popular in the state that the word ‘RO' has become synonymous with ‘water purifiers.' The efforts made by the manufacturers in the field of R&D have brought the power of cascaded technologies like UV, UF, and MF with traditional RO system to remove almost all commonly found impurities and contaminants.

There are many methods to compare and buy an RO system, you can visit your nearby center and purchase the purifier of your choice, or you can buy it by using the internet as well. When purchasing a ro water purifier online or from your nearest home & kitchen appliances store with hundreds of models of water purifiers from several brands, it becomes quite common to get stuck in finding the best water purifier for your home. And that needs a bit of research and nothing more.

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