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Current trends in the Global Conjugate Vaccine Market

By Rabi Paul In Health & Fitness Posted On July 26,2019 0 Comments

A conjugate vaccine is one that is given at a much younger age to prevent the very serious and infectious diseases. They work by adding a polysaccharide coating on certain strains of viruses and bacteria so that they can exit the body without harming it. The immune system can only identify those viruses, bacteria once they have been modified by these vaccines, producing the necessary responses and immunity levels.

Primary conjugate vaccine products in circulation in the Global Conjugate Vaccine Market are meningitis controls, pneumococcal and type B (Hib) haemophilus influenza vaccine.       

Key Drivers

The highest sales are for vaccines for pneumococcal and meningococcal control and are the key products pushing this market forward. It also explains the advances in research for these particular vaccines. The demand for these and any other vaccines is due to the increasing prevalence of diseases that are very infectious in nature, and also the awareness of how to prevent and treat them.   

This drive and demand are however marred by a long waiting term, usually during the development of vaccine formulations that are seen in the high and low-income regions.

Breaking apart the market in 2019 

Generally, this market is classified according to region, disease indication, patient type, pathogen type and types of products available.

Where products type is concerned, the market is divided into monovalent and multivalent vaccines. Out of which the monovalent type of vaccines had the highest share and this is due to big-time players producing top quality products, in addition to disseminating awareness on how to access them, pricing and transparency in manufacturing processes.     

Studies by Research On Global Markets shows that sales of the multivalent vaccines are expected to grow, owing to improvement being made to the technology used to make them coupled with government initiatives.

When it comes to disease indication, the market is segmented according to the nature of severity of the disease like meningococcal, influenza, tetanus, pneumococcal and others (where others are indicative of smaller, unknown diseases). Out of which pneumococcal is expected to grow in the forecast period and seen as the most attractive due to technological advancements.

As for the categorization based on types of pathogens, the market comprises of viral and bacterial combination vaccines, only viral vaccines and only bacterial vaccines. Taking just the patients to be addressed with these vaccines, you have pediatric and adult vaccines in which pediatric vaccines was higher because children are normally vaccinated in hospitals and facilities as soon as they are born.  

Top Regions for Vaccine Sale Parameters

Asia-Pacifica is the biggest market, with the geriatric population being the biggest groups of vaccine recipients mostly isolated to China and India. So in turn, the market players are bettering research and distribution processes here. North America is the next region; market growth has been hindered in the Latin American, African and Middle Eastern region due to poor awareness, infrastructure.

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